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  1. Good evening everyone, pleasure to be here....

    Started Duromine 40mg today after getting the OK from the Doc.

    I'm a 176cm tall, 29yo male, who has gone from 85kgs to 115kgs in about 4 years purely from a career choice in which I have lost all routine I had. Just so everyone is aware, I don't regret the career choice, I am just desperately trying to find my mojo again....

    OK, here we go..... DAY 1 (115kg)

    It's currently 12:30am so yes, I guess I am having some problems sleeping, but, to tell you the truth, I do ocasionally have issues sleeping purely due to my mind racing with a million things.

    Took my pill at around 6:30am this morning with a small breakfast....

    About 9:30, still a little hungry, had a couple pieces of toast....


    The upper kicked in. Honestly felt like a mild dose of speed (which in itself, I honestly wouldn't call a side effect) as I had one of the most productive days at work today.. 100 miles an hour all day, even put in a few hours OT.

    Told myself to grab some lunch, but got side tracked, and missed it.

    Still not hungry at all, but fortunately my darling wife had a lovely dinner of chicken, chips and vegies ready for me.

    Very dry mouth, but didn't have a water bottle today (learnt that lesson quickly).

    Apart from that, very slightly agitated, but seriously nothing that would typically bother me.... I'm on the 40mg (Big Boy) and if this is as bad as it gets, we should be cooking with gas.

    Now to the mood department.... I have tried reductil once before, and my wife asked me very nicely to stop taking it is I was making life unbareable for everyone. Having experienced this before, I have gone into the Duromine adventure with a pretty strict set of guidelines, so I am hoping I will be able to control any mood problems....

    No Mood swings or cranky pants today either which is a great start...

    My guidelines are:

    1. This weightloss programe is for me so my Family WILL NOT BE negatively effected by it (AKA mood swings)

    2. I am sick to death of being over weight. Always remind yourself of the 24 years of the very fit, healthy sex life, outgoing and generally happy life I know is possible.

    3. Duromine is a tool to assist me with getting my life back on track.
    a. Weight Loss
    b. Fitness
    c. Good eating habits
    d. Social Confidence

    Without a complete lifestyle package, the weight will probably go back on, as many people on here have mentioned. I wonder if people that have changed there lifestyles for the better are as suceptable to putting the weight back on as the people who do nothing except eat less are?

    So that's day 1.... I plan to get on here regularly to give updates of progress. For people thinking about using Duromine, hopefully this may help. As you have no doubt found, there are many many 1 liner threads about peoples experiences, but there is very little on the day to day journey, so hopefully this will help.

    Any support, comments, questions will be greatly appriciated, as this will also give me a focus point to help with the program.

    Wish me luck.
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