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  1. start weight 71.1
    Current weight 66
    Goal weight 57
    Hight 153
    30 mg D
    My first 5 days on D I dropped to 67.1
    Then I was stuck on that weight for 2 days then went back to 67.3
    I had my period so I was like okay maybe that’s why . I stopped weighing my self every day and I thought that’s it once a week is enough I didn’t want to become paranoid so I waited for day 5 of my period and jumped back on the scale and it was 66 kg
    So I lost 5.1kg in nearly 2 weeks
    My next weight in is due in 2 days
    I try to go to the gym everyday
    Walk on the treadmill for 2 km
    Then do 30 mins of weights
    I try to do 2 cardio classes a week
    I don’t want to push my self too much because I don’t have an appetite to eat much
    I have 1 to 2 weet bix with fruits and almond milk every morning with coffee
    I will have a cup of hospital grade sustegen
    Dinner will be a small amount of what ever I cooked that day ( I don’t cook fatty food and try to keep clean as much as I can ) to keep up with my 3 kids demands lol
    I have struggled with sever depression and anxiety for the last 2 years
    Gained 12 kg
    I just want to feel good about my self and that will help boost my self esteem
    Side effects
    I don’t sleep enough
    I get heart palpitations
    Mood swings
    Back pain
    Thirsty ( I try to drink lots of water )
    But overall it’s not too bad
    I don’t get cravings of sugar and fatty food like I use to before I took D
    This is my first time on D
    I wish everyone best of luck on their journey
    Love Lai
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    Jan 3, 2019
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