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  1. Hey everyone!
    I came searching for websites to get some information, other people's experiences and thoughts on Duromine to help make my own mind up about whether to start it or not.
    So now that I have tried it, I thought I would help others looking for the same information.

    I decided what the heck I'll give it a go!
    Keep in mind throughout my time taking Duromine, I am not exercising during this time, just a change of diet.

    So here is MY thoughts and a little intel of what I have done.
    Now anyone who reads this, I am NOT saying do it the same way I have, because I do understand that it is not healthy for my body, everyone is different and it is really having an understanding of what your own body can tolerate.

    When I started, I had the right mind set, that taking this WILL help me, I will loose weight doing this.
    Alot of the time, being on diet has got a lot to do with a good mind set.

    Start of my experience -
    I'm 23 years old, (89kgs) and I do have a body type where I have naturally big bones and muscles, so I will never be a stick skinny person. But I can help myself get into a good proportion to suit my body type without the extra fat.
    First day of taking it, I found that I had a lot of energy, mind you I was at work, and I run a gaming room as well as TAB in the same room (busy, busy, busy!) I literally just felt like I had just had 2 shots of coffee, (not that I drink coffee though.)
    Didn't really feel like breakfast, but had a meal replacement shake (I mix it up with 2 pieces of fruit instead, or one piece of seeded bread with avo on different days.) Then lunch I have a chicken breast with a bit of herbs and small amount of oil with a small bowl of mixed veggies. Then dinner is a can of tuna, again with a bowl of green veggies.
    My day only comes to about 800 calories.
    Though in saying that I will have a sneaky snack dairy chocolate ( 2 squares) every few days to kill the small craving for sugar that I have had.
    Some days I have had to force myself to eat, and also remind myself to eat.

    Side effects that I have had, really nothing. I haven't had trouble sleeping ( thank god!! ) BUT I have a very dry mouth, which has encouraged drinking around 4 bottles of water a day.

    CURRENT - DAY 16
    I have kept up this diet everyday, been boring eating the same thing everyday, I am seeing results which is helping me keep my motivation.
    Currently down to 79kgs, loss of 10kgs.
    Absolutely stoked with these results.
    Again in saying this, my body is under a bit of stress. Can just tell in different ways in every day life, nothing to drastic to list though, and nothing to really worry about!

    14 days left, and hope to loose another 6kgs, then it will just be about maintaining that weight.

    Hope this helps anyone reading, again not saying for everyone to follow what I have done, but just an idea of what has gone down in 2 weeks time :)
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