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  1. Hi everyone,

    It’s been a week since my last Weigh in, so I am officially at the end of my second week - WOOOOOO!!! It has been such a crazy week: Still putting my new townhouse together, and first week back at work after the Christmas break. It has been utter chaos.

    I have had a pretty lame week of effort this week, and I just feel exhausted. I haven’t exercised nearly as much as I should have, and I have absolutely STRUGGLED to eat enough, despite having Tony Ferguson shakes which are supposed to make it easier. My diet this week has compromised (per day): 1x instant coffee, 1x skinny cafe latte, 1x piece of fruit, 2x chicken kebabs (the ones on a stick) and half a dinner plate of crunchy asian salad. Absolutely appalling. I have been drinking a tonne of water though. And I feel so guilty about my diet this week. No surprise that I was mega constipated by Thursday, so I had to take a laxative. The aftermath was hell.

    Exercise consisted of many trips up and down stairs, as well as madly trying to get this house in order. I feel super guilty about this too, because I am meant to be making a really big effort.

    One thing I have been doing (which I really need to stop doing) is weighing myself daily; in the mornings, naked, after going to the toilet. For the first few days this week, I was losing 500g a day. But the last three days I have gained 100g a day. If I look at the grand scheme of the week, it’s great but these small gains have me feeling down. I knew this would happen, though - I would reach a point where I feel sad about results. And I really did this to myself by weighing every day, so no more of that! haha

    I have felt a lot of guilt this week, and perhaps I have just expected that I could do everything 100% without considering how much I have actually taken on. I definitely know that being back at work has been WAY more challenging than I expected, and I perhaps need to plan this a lot better. Set alarms for food. Plan ahead etc...

    In any case, I am currently sitting at 91.6kg, so I am still down 1.4kg from last week, and 3.9kg in total. I had hoped for bigger numbers, especially in the first 2 weeks. I am not feeling the energy I did the first 2 days, though my appetite is suppressed. A loss is a loss, and I am still happy with that. I may consider asking for 40mg at the end of the month though.

    Sorry if this post is a bit glum. I am feeling very tired and flat, but I will work to pull myself out of this funk. Hope everyone is having a wicked week xx
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  2. Hi everyone!

    Well, I’ve made it to the end of my first week! Woohoo! And I am pleased to report that I am still alive AND I am still motivated.

    It’s been a rough week with moving and going back to work today. I hate how many things I have - definitely need to cull a lot and donate. I have wanted to curl up into a ball and forget about it all, however my motivation to get up and move my house actually came from my desire to lose weight. Such an odd turn of events!

    So yesterday I had to take mostly a rest day, because I started feeling nauseous when I started moving around. I have been drinking HUGE amounts of water and eating right, so I could only put it down to exhaustion and maybe low iron from my period (my iron is always low, so it’s the usual suspect). Despite feeling crappy, I still stuck to eating well.

    I set my alarm for 5am this morning to take D, but must have been so tired that I simply turned it off without having the tablet. I definitely felt it today - towards the end of the day I started getting ravenous with hunger pains and all! I am also really tired and feeling flat. I’m sure it’s a combination of no D AND moving house. I haven’t had dinner yet, but intend on having chicken and veg for dinner.

    Anyway! I weighed myself this morning and am now 93kg - starting weight was 95.5kg, so it’s a solid 2.5 kg loss! I am pretty happy with that!

    Time for me to shower, eat and relax before bed. Hope everyone has had an amazing day!! Xx
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  3. Hello everyone!

    It’s been a few days since I blogged last, and that’s mostly because I am in the midst of moving house. I am still shuttling my belongings from one townhouse to another, up and down stairs. The last few days I have managed to easily hit all of my Fitbit goals haha!

    My body is very sore, plus my period finally arrived at the beginning of the move - impeccable timing, I must say! I have been taking my Duromine every morning at 5am, and have been managing >8hrs sleep the last few days.

    I have also remained on track with my daily calories, though I haven’t been as good with the timing of food. Because I have been so busy and things have been chaotic with the move, I have managed to have breakfast but then nothing until dinner. On Friday night I was too tired to cook, so I ordered a grilled chicken quesadilla for dinner. I made sure to look up the specific restaurant menu and chose one that remained within my daily calorie limit. Last night, I had a small Teriyaki Chicken Noodle Box. Again, I looked up the noodle box menu ahead of time and planned my order to stay within my calorie limit. Of course, had I been able to have lunch those days, my diet wouldn’t have afforded me the luxury of take out. But it just goes to show that forward planning can really help avoid big blowouts, and allow you to still enjoy treats in moderation. That was an important lesson for me.

    Exercise has been totally taken care of lately! Fitbit has registered over 30 flights of stairs a day. My body can certainly attest to that as well haha

    Tomorrow is my end of week 1 weigh in, and I think it will be positive. I will check in tomorrow (hopefully) to let everyone know how it goes.

    I am still really motivated and dedicated to this journey. Usually I start getting mentally weak after a week. I can’t speak for the next few weeks, but I am hoping I can pull myself out of any ruts in the future. The big test will be when I hit my first plateau.

    I hope everyone is doing well and getting good results this week! Lots of love to you all xxxooo
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  4. Hi everyone!

    Last night I didn’t end up taking the 1/2 tablet of OTC sleeping aid, but did manage to get 7hrs 3min sleep (according to Fitbit).


    I still woke up at 5am to take D, but have found that I am not feeling a huge boost in energy. I think I am probably a little more awake? I don’t know lotl On the plus side, I am not as sleepy in the afternoon, haven’t got a dry mouth, and my headache seems to be subsiding (I have had it since Tuesday).

    My food intake has been pretty good today, though I haven’t managed my morning and afternoon snacks. I don’t really feel like eating, but I do feel hunger pains if I go too long without food - weird I bought an easy dinner for tonight: Crunchy Asian Salad and BBQ chook.

    I got the keys to my new house this morning, and had to take my dog to the vet (he just wasn’t himself. Apparently it is just a tummy bug... phew!). I have also been out and about running errands today, and haven’t managed to do any exercise yet. I have 2x flights of stairs in my new house, and 1x in my current house, and I managed to reach my stair ascent goals today on my Fitbit. My muscles have calmed down since yesterday, so I will attempt to do another Fitbit Coach workout this evening before dinner. The next few days will see me packing and moving house - so that will take care of my exercise (as much as I hate moving).

    I have been relatively motivated despite my low energy today. The only thing I have felt bad about today so far is not having done my exercise yet.

    OH! I almost forgot! I decided to give myself an END DATE GOAL of 1st July 2019 to reach my goal weight. It’s a pretty optimistic goal seeing as I need to lose 34.5 kg to be at my goal weight (so, an average of 1.4 kg per week). The strange thing is, my body fat percentage is 36.5% - Does that mean 36.5% of my current weight is body fat? I mean, 36.5% of 95.5 kg is 34.8 kg, so that makes a bit of sense, and would put me at about 60.7 kg. But wouldn’t that be a loss of ALL body fat, and don’t we still need a percentage of body fat? Also, my BMI says that 50-55kg is my ideal range - I know BMI is notoriously lower than it should be, but still! When I used to weight 68 kg, I was pretty happy, though I knew I could really lose around 5kg more. I dunno - food for thought I guess. I might do some reading on it.

    I will check in again later and add to this post before bed tonight xx


    I didn’t manage to get a workout in tonight as I was busy packing for the move (not my favourite pass time lol). Earlier today, I was wondering about body fat percentages, and what is considered to be a healthy percentage. Well... I WORKED IT OUT!!! so here goes!

    1. First, at 95.5kg, I know that my body fat % is 42.7%. That tells me that 42.7% of my 95.5kg Weight equates to 40.8kg.​

    2. Second, Given that 42.7% of Weight is body fat, that means that I would weigh 54.7kg with 0% body fat - but obviously, that’s not possible.​

    3. After searching through multiple academic papers, It would seem that for me (35 year old Woman), a healthy range of 20-25% body fat is recommended.​

    4. To work out what my ideal weight would be, given that I would weigh 54.7kg with 0% body fat and knowing what my healthy body fat range is, I can assume that my final weight would comprise 20-25% body fat, and 75-80% body (I’m just going to refer to everything that isn’t body fat as “body” ). So here is my calculation:
    At 20% body fat:
    y = 54.7/0.80
    y = 68.38kg​

    At 25% body fat:
    y = 54.7/0.75
    y = 72.93kg​

    (*y represents my unknown goal weight.)

    So, broadly, my ideal weight is a range from 68-73kg, which is a FAR CRY from the 50-55kg that most weight charts suggest for my height. And that’s totally fine, because... everyone is built differently. I generally build a lot of muscle than average, and my frame is larger than other women of my height. Also, this calculation will change as I build even more muscle.

    This also means that I actually need to aim to lose around 26.6kg, instead of the 45.5-35.5kg I initially thought I needed to lose.

    Anyway, I thought that was interesting to share. Xx
  5. Hi everyone,

    I had some pretty solid plans last night to not just roll over in bed and go back to sleep after taking my tablet at 5am, but to get up and walk my dog. Alas, I was so tired that I just went back to sleep. But to be fair, I was just as tired when I re-awoke at 7:30 ish, and the tiredness was gone after about 15min. Damn... I probably should have pushed through and went for the walk at 5am. You live and learn :rolleyes:

    Although I got about 6hrs sleep last night (not ideal, but not the worst) I actually don’t have as much energy as yesterday. My body is quite sore from yesterday’s HIIT workout, so perhaps that is contributing to it. Given my low energy and sore body, I think I might leave the Fitbit Coach workout for today and take my dog for his walk this evening. It’s about 1000 degrees C in Brisbane at the moment, but hopefully it’ll be cooler later on. Maybe I can source some beginners Pilates instructions, I hear that Pilates is fairly beneficial! I will be moving house in the next few days, so I will be set for reaching exercise goals on those days haha

    I have been reading over quite a few blogs on this website, and not only are they super informative and motivational but they have made me really consider the <1000 cals I consumed yesterday. Food is fuel for my body, and too little fuel is going to hinder me in reaching my goals. Today I have focused on reaching calorie targets through healthy food, and keeping meals small but frequent. I’m still pretty bloated, and I have just realised that I might be a little constipated. I am still waiting for the elusive PMS, and I really wish it would just hurry up already lol

    I binge-read Leigh’sgottalottolose’ blog this morning, and am wondering how she is doing now - 3 years on from her last post. I loved reading her blog, and am wishing her all the best.

    I am using the heat of the day to set up an excel spreadsheet that I can transfer my food and exercise logs to from my phone apps. I want to be able to print off my logs for my monthly check-ins with my doctor. It also makes me feel productive and in control, which is my favourite mood lol

    I will probably check in again tonight - I am finding these blog entries therapeutic, and they help me put my thought in order. I hope everyone on this site has a successful and happy day today X


    Well, I didn’t end up looking up or doing any Pilates, HOWEVER! I did take my dog for a 2 km, 30 min walk this afternoon Fitbit tells me that I managed to burn 239 calories, plus my pup REALLY enjoyed it. I would ideally like to do this every other day, in between days of doing a HIIT workout (or similar). I am also hoping that the more I do this, the longer I can exercise and the stronger I can become

    I also binge-read another blog entry this afternoon, and found it really inspiring. It definitely boosted my motivation!

    I finally finished off my exercise & food diary spreadsheet. I might change it a bit from where it is now, but it would really only be for aesthetics. It’s set up to automatically highlight problematic results, and generate statistic based on data input. I will create a new tab for each week, and each weekly diary entry is designed to print easily onto 1 page so I can print them off at the end of each month to take to my doctor. I use other mobile apps (Fitbit, and the app for my smart scales) to keep more detailed records through the day. I am just transferring the numbers over at the end of the day. I am also considering taking weekly progress photos - though I will need to get a move on with my first one tomorrow! This is a sample of my first week so far:


    I am going to take 1/2 an OTC sleeping aid tonight, and will again set my alarm for 5am. Hopefully if I get a good night sleep, I’ll feel better tomorrow. I hope everyone has had an amazing day! Xx
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  6. Current Weight: 95.5 kg
    First Goal: 90.0 kg
    End Goal: 65.0 kg

    Today is the first day of my second duromine journey. I blamed my last failure (2 years ago) on getting glandular fever, but I think that was only true in part - I don’t think I took the opportunity as seriously as I should have. Too many excuses. I need to take responsibility for my current condition and stop trying to convince myself otherwise.

    I wouldn’t call this attempt a “New Years resolution”, as I have been preparing since before Christmas. I bought myself a new Fitbit Charge 3, a set of body composition scales and a new exercise mat. Yesterday I saw my doctor, and requested a new script for duromine and set my alarm for 5am today.

    I woke at 5am, took my first tablet, then went back to sleep until it kicked in. I remembered how disrupted my sleep was last time I took duromine, so I wanted to take it early. Here is a breakdown of observations from my first day:

    Today being the first day, my motivation has been high. I have made some goals for the week, and have tried to set myself up so I am well planned for days when my motivation isn’t so high (we’ll have to see how it works, because I know those days will come :p). Fingers crossed my mood stays this high for at least the next couple of days!

    I have actually been quite surprised by how level I have felt today. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely felt more energised, but not in the crazy way I did last time. I was a little jittery as soon as the tablet started kicking in, but it passed in no time. I did do some early chores without feeling too bothered, which is always a positive.

    I was pleased to see that Fitbit has provided quite a few more additions; one of which it the Fitbit Coach that provides a few basic training programs (for free) and a plethora of more interesting/varied programs (through monthly premium membership) that can be done at home without any equipment. I don’t plan on signing up for gym membership, so I opted to sign up for monthly premium membership, and did a 16min HIIT workout in the morning. It was harder than I expected, and I couldn’t manage the burpees through fear of vomiting, but I did finish it and burnt 131 kcal! I expect that with more practice I will be able to move on to more strenuous programs. I also took my dog to the unleashed park (“puppy park”) and chose to jog up my stairs at home rather than walk - basically trying to make better choices.

    Food Intake:
    I started Tony Ferguson today. One of my big problems is not eating enough calories most days, slowing my metabolism, then binge eating when I am finally proper starving. It’s not been intentional, but just because I don’t always feel hungry or I get too busy. I had my shakes today, an apple, glass of ginger beer, then some leftover mushrooms/potato bake/mango chicken with an Asian salad. In total, I took in 951 kcal (not ideal, a bit on the low side) but I did eat reasonably regularly and spread out across the day - small victories I guess!

    I have had a LOT of water today, which is not unusual for me, but because I am logging it I realised that I am drinking around 2.5-3 L of water every day. I guess at least I have been getting that right! Haha

    Side Effects:
    Well, none really. I have had a mild headache which kicked in at around 3pm, but it wasn’t unmanageable, plus I am awaiting the dreaded period. I have had excellent energy levels up until 2:30pm, then I got sleepy. I didn’t nap (I had been enjoying daytime naps during my 2 weeks holiday from work) because I worried it would make sleep more difficult tonight. The sleepiness passed my around 3:30pm, so it wasn’t too bad. I haven’t had a dry mouth, but I do drink a lot of water anyway.

    Final Thoughts:
    I think it was a pretty successful first day. I am feeling pretty bloated at the moment. Could be upcoming period, but could also be food intolerance which I am also getting investigated through the allergy clinic - after they work out what keeps giving me hives. I am planning on getting up at 5am tomorrow morning again to take my tablet and walk my dog before the heat of the day kicks in. I also plan on doing another Fitbit workout, perhaps a longer one. The following is the full list of my body composition stats, mostly for my own records. I am hoping to keep my weigh-ins to Saturday mornings each week, but knowing me I will be tempted to check more frequently.

    Starting Weight: 95.5 kg
    Current Weight: 95.5 kg
    First Goal: 90.0 kg
    End Goal: 65.0 kg
    Lost: 0.0 kg

    BMI: 38.3
    BMR: 1962 kcal
    AMR: 2590 kcal
    Body Fat %: 42.7 %
    Hydration %: 39.3 %
    Muscle %: 30.1 %
    Bone %: 2.3 %
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  7. I have really only just arrived back home from my doctors appointment for my blood test results. Unfortunately the results show that I have Glandular Fever. I guess that explains the fatigue and all the other symptoms. It was a pretty emotional afternoon, as I hear that it can take quite a while to get over it and I still have my PhD and two children to think about (as well as my partner going overseas for a week as of this Friday, for work). I asked the doctor if I should stop taking Duromine whilst I am sick but he seems to think that there's no reason why I can't keep taking it. So there is at least that! Probably won't be able to do much exercise though, but I will see how I feel - take it as it comes :) My glands feel like they are choking me, and the constant nausea and headaches and fatigue kinda suck, but hey - at least I am not craving anything at the moment! haha

    Anyway, it's good to have a reason for feeling terrible :) Onwards and upwards!!
  8. What an evening!

    It was a relatively full-on day yesterday, in all fairness. My daughter was ill with a virus, and my son had some challenging behavioural issues (he is normally a well behaved young man - probably just an off day for him I guess. We all have those from time to time). I have continued to experience the same symptoms as I described in the previous entry, but at around 3:00 pm they started to amplify.

    I have been setting my alarm for 6:30 am each morning, which gives me around 15-30min to wake up before getting out of bed. I usually spend this time productively checking Facebook etc hehe okay... maybe "productively" is a bad description haha. But honestly, how am I meant to start my day without checking the crazy new stuff Trump has done and getting my daily dose of memes? Life is tough :p

    I usually take my Duromine 40 mg at around 7:00-7:10 am after having breakfast (a small bowl of cereal, quick oats or one slice of toast). I tend to not feel the Duromine kick in until around 10:00 am, so a coffee is a necessity in order to transform into a fully formed human for the day.

    When the Duromine kicks in, I can feel my body start to heat up - kind of like that feeling of Morphine making it's way into your system. My limbs tingle, and I get an adrenaline surge. I take a deep breath, do a big stretch, and I am good to go for the day.

    Fast-forward to 3:00 pm: This is about the time I start feeling the fatigue work it's way back. I have previously felt the 3:00 pm noddys kick in before taking Duromine, but this fatigue is like getting hit by a Bus. My muscles become weak and I feel like I could fall asleep at any moment. My face begins flushing and heats up. My body is already warm from the Duromine, but I get cold sweats and chills. The strangest thing is that I have no fever. If anything, my temperature is quite low. My feet and hands become ridiculously cold - multiple pairs of socks won't even heat them up! Let me point out - I live in Brisbane, QLD.... it's February.... it's not exactly tracksuit weather here at the moment o_O.


    It was a pretty terrible night sleep last night. Despite my fatigue, I couldn't get comfortable (hips and knees were aching) and it took quite a while to fall asleep. I woke a few times through the night (once for the bathroom) and at 6:00 am this morning I couldn't go back to sleep. That wasn't such a big problem as I had my alarm set for 6:30 am anyway.

    This morning I took my Duromine at around 6:30 am instead of 7:00 am. I was feeling pretty good considering the poor night sleep. Energy levels were up, as was my mood. I took Panadeine Extra at around 8:30 am to help with the headache and joint pain, so by about 9:00 am I was back to normal.

    it's currently 1:00 pm here now. My energy levels have waned, and the hot/cold sweats have begun early. Again, not sure if I have just caught the virus my daughter had, if it's a side-effect of Duromine that I didn't experience last time due to it being a lower dose, or whether there is something else going on related to the issues I went to the doctor for last week. I see my GP this afternoon at around 4:00 pm in any case. I should get my pathology results back, and I can ask him about the swelling in the lower right side of my neck. I will update later with the results :)
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