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  • Need this to work!
    By Need this to work! at 10:59 PM.
    So, I’m 28 and I’m trying Duromine 30mg as my last ditch effort before I contemplate having weight loss surgery. I’ve battled with weight my whole life, minus a few years in my prime as an early adult, after having a child though it all went to crap (that was 9 years ago). I have 46kg to lose...
  • Rava
    By Rava at 4:08 PM.
    Weekly Weigh In's: Obviously just posted my first, but its a bit different in how I did it in the past. I used to write up all my stats, and even though they gave me a sense of accomplishment - they tended to make me become a little too obsessed and a lot more competitive. I also took note at...
  • Lize-Marie
    By Lize-Marie at 8:33 PM.
    Today i started Duromine 30mg. I please need some tips on what works best with this pills to loose weight. I weighted myself yesterday and it was 63.7kg and this morning 63.3kg. My normal weight must be 58kg or 59kg. Please help me.
    By weightlossprincess at 7:12 PM.
    Hi everyone! I am so glad to have found this forum where i can share my success and if nothing else possibly help someone else along the way. I have been taking Duromine for exactly a month today and have lost 7KGs. I was very skinny at school leaving matric and only weighing in at 65KGs so i...
  • Foxy
    By Foxy at 4:55 PM.
    Im so grateful I have a great relationship with my doctor, whilst discussing my weight issues isn’t comfortable she made it so much easier to have a open honest conversation about it. Resulting with no judgment from her just support, a referral to dietician and script for Duromine. She gave me...
    By Hannah98 at 4:49 PM.
    Hi there, I am 20 years old weighing 107kg at the time of my doctors appointment on Tuesday the 16th of October (I don’t have scales at the moment, though that will be the next purchase I make!) I was prescribed duromine 30mg this week after I have tried so long to get fit with very little...
  • Ronelle le Roux
    By Ronelle le Roux at 1:34 AM.
    This is day 5: I was naughty. My regular GP prescribed Victoza with a repeat about two months ago, as I am insulin resistant and apparently it helps with weight loss. It is a insulin pen (injection). I used 0,6 mg per day and could not afford to use more as it is very expensive. I lost nothing....
  • Ronelle le Roux
    By Ronelle le Roux at 3:43 PM.
    This is my fourth day and I have lost 700 grams so far. I drink water when I feel whoozy. Today is also the start of my exercise routine. Don't get excited now! My potato coach body will only endure 20 minutes of attempted tummy and arm exercises. Sadly I am not allowed to go for walks yet, as I...