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  • Day 12

    10 November
    Mala Chetty
    By Mala Chetty at 7:12 PM.
    Sorry, it's been a while since I updated my blog but it's been hectic at work. So I'm down to 92.2 Kgs. I haven't been exercising every day. The constipation set in, so I'm feeling bloated. The feeling of anxiety crept in this week but it seems much better today.
  • Heads up....

    6 November
    By Bonnie13 at 8:59 PM.
    Firstly don't buy anything from someone who approached you..... Secondly don't buy from someone who only joined site and the same day they are selling.... (click on user name and will show when joined site) Thirdly if they post personal information it screams they are trying to show they are...
  • Kylie Thomas
    By Kylie Thomas at 8:59 PM.
    Must pickup from Wollongong area. 25 x 30mg Phentermine $120
  • Libby
    By Libby at 12:35 AM.
    Would like to purchase Duromine in Perth ASAP
  • Mala Chetty
    By Mala Chetty at 8:48 PM.
    I was ecstatic this morning at my weigh in, so yesterday I weighed in at 93.3KG and this morning I was 92.3. It was such a relief. I decided to start taking my Duromine at 3AM instead of 6AM from this morning to try and get the effects to subside by the evening so I can get a solid nights sleep....
  • Nicole Shields
    By Nicole Shields at 1:53 PM.
    Well hey, I'd like to start off with that this isn't my first time using duromine, I originally began using duromine 2 years ago with a starting weight of 103kgs. I have begun on another journey after loosing close to 20kgs and putting on approximatly 7kgs with a current weight of 89kgs....
  • My Duromine Journey

    31 October
    Mala Chetty
    By Mala Chetty at 11:06 PM.
    So I started on Monday with my 30 mg Duromine, I took my tablet at 07h00 and felt it kick n at about 09h00. It was that sudden rush of adrenalin. It was like I had all of this energy and I could feel all of my senses where working on overdrive. I ended up drinking 6 Litres of water and the...
  • 2 WEEKS

    31 October
    By Hannah98 at 10:42 AM.
    Sorry that I haven’t updated! My computer had to be fixed :( I am super happy with how things are going! And after exercising every single day and eating really well and counting calories and all of that for the last two weeks I feel amazing! Today I had my first appointment with my dietician...