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  • day 5

    25 May
    By byronsmummy27 at 9:00 PM.
    hey guys so here i am end of day 5 and still feeling good about my journey so far. had a moment today where i saw some rice crackers in my work office and thought 'mmmm i could eat those...and their low in calories' then i thought to myself AM I HUNGRY?? and realized that i wasnt hungry... AT...
  • Day 4

    24 May
    By byronsmummy27 at 9:27 AM.
    mourning everyone, so here i am day four and feeling very proud of myself, last night my family were together and decided they would eat pizza and guess who was gonna make it??? ME!! the girl on the diet!! as i was making them this fantastic looking pizza i realised that i didnt need it nor...
  • Kazeroo
    By Kazeroo at 6:48 AM.
    Good morning duromine users, I'm new to blogging and have never used prescription medication for weightless before so I was delighted to see other people's posts on taking duromine and it's great to see positive outcomes. I started taking the prescription after explaining to my Dr how...
  • Day 3!

    23 May
    By byronsmummy27 at 11:38 AM.
    so its day 3 for me, and iam loving it! feeling really good about myself. i was an emotional eater, i just kept eating untill i got to the point where i would be so depressed at the food i had just consumed (what a way to live). i used to be a crazy fun loving girl and i want to be her again! i...
    By Elle at 3:53 PM.
    So I have made it to the end of the first week. It has been a struggle and I have felt really crappy at times and I've had a headache for most of the time. But now I am feeling quite good. And I am hoping that my body has settled into the start of a good routine !! I know this is the first...
  • rootesy
    By rootesy at 7:03 PM.
    Hi again everyone, Well this week has been pretty good as in eating but the weight loss was a bit of a disappointment as I am going to show you in a minute. I walked to work 4 times this week, I could of done a bit more but with three kids to look after and my wife works as well it is a bit...
  • Day 6

    19 May
    By Elle at 7:13 AM.
    OK, morning of Day 6. Yesterday went quite well. I had a crumpet for breakfast, was to busy at work that I didn't stop for lunch and didn't even think about lunch. I did have some dinner but I didn't eat too much and I felt really full, so this is good !! I still have a tight headachy...
    By Elle at 6:52 AM.
    Well here I am . . . morning of Day 5 :cool: Yesterday was a real struggle for me . . . I was had a headache for most of the day and then I began feeling nauseous . . . it wasn't pleasant. I then began to feel extremely drained to a point where I didn't know if I could drive home after work....
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