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  • Day 3

    28 February
    By Lizansun at 8:54 PM.
    Today what’s not a nice day ...I ate my 2 times a day and everything was just going wrong and I took to comfort food( a slice of cake ) yes am ashamed but I just feel like am not loosing anything when I read some ppls bloges thay Loos in the first day they can feel a deference and I don’t and...
  • Day 2

    27 February
    By Lizansun at 5:18 AM.
    Whoop whoop!!a nother one bites the dust well today was not so bad but I think it because today what my spring cleaning day so my mind was bizzy so I did not think much about food but I had more energy then before I when the hole day white out needing to stop and rest because am tired lol....I...
  • Day 1

    26 February
    By Lizansun at 8:34 AM.
    Well I have to say I used my deromine for the first time today(15mg)and and first when I just drank it I did not know what to expect I was so scared of “the thirst “ that everyone was talking about I drank 4bottels of a1.5l..will not do that again, could not stay away from the bathroom but I...
  • The start

    25 February
    By Lizansun at 1:28 AM.
    Well here go’s new to this so hang on haha.! I am starting tomorrow for the first time drinking deromine and am not completely shore if am iwen gonna use this right but that what you guys are here for I know if I ask advice you will help me ...I have had a baby and can’t seam to Loos...
  • 48 Year Old

    14 February
    By Suzie1970 at 8:48 AM.
    HELLO EVERYONE!! So i am considering using duromine 40mg, im 48 peri menospausal and want to shed 10-15kg before it sets in :(, im just somewhat scared that if i loose the weight ill gain it all back on. Also what do you recommend eating daily? Should i cut out certain foods or you just dont...
    By Shwin at 6:51 PM.
    on day 9 and have lost .5kg only despite eating much less, minimal carbs and starting to walk ( 20-30 mins) each day. For someone who is 92.7, the wt loss should have been more. I take water and am not as hungry , appetite shrunk but no results
  • Day 1 Duromine 30mg

    5 February
    Zama Mthalane
    By Zama Mthalane at 1:57 AM.
    My first day on Duromine 30mg. I took the pill at around 04:00 a.m. and had breakfast (plain yoghurt) at 07:30 a.m. shortly after I got to work I started sweating, then I drank water and felt better. Again around 13:00 p.m. the sweating returned. Then again around 16:00. I guess it's been a good...
  • Enough is Enough!!!

    22 January
    for me
    By for me at 2:14 PM.
    Utterly disappointed with myself.... Weight is a war have fought my whole life.... I allowed myself to think that i had won; how wrong i was :( Standing on the doctors scales was like a slap in the head and it gave me the wake up call I have needed for a while now. The last 3 years have...
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