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    Jasmine 358
    By Jasmine 358 at 11:48 PM.
    Eek I don't know how to start these things! A short disclaimer before I get into it, (although I'm sure it will be obvious), I have never written a blog before. I'm also not sure if this is going to be of any interest to anyone, but I know that when I initially took the momentous and...
  • Weightloss update

    16 August
    By Daisyflower at 3:30 AM.
    Hi everyone Thought I would update you on my progress. Thanks very much for all the PM of support. It is a really nice forum and everyone supports each other. SW: 82.7 Week 1: 81.0 Week 2: 78.7 Total weightloss: 4kg in 2 weeks. Tomorrow is the 3 week weigh in. I am actually very nervous as I...
  • Motivated

    15 August
    By Thismuma at 5:44 AM.
    So I'm just going to give you all a little background on my weight over the years. And it'll probably be a good motivator for me to write out anywhooo **drum roll for long blog post, proceed at your own risk** Okay, so I'm 24 now :) Back 10 years ago when I was 14 I did a pretty stupid thing....
  • getting started

    4 August
    By Edie at 1:23 AM.
    I've been sitting here trying to come up with something witty and clever to introduce myself, with no luck, so I figure lets just put it put it out there without the bells and whistles. Lets face it, procrastination is weights best friend :) I am 38 years old and 30kgs over what I was 3 years...
  • DAY 12.. 30mg

    3 August
    By MINKY01 at 7:39 PM.
    Weight Day 1: 87.2 Weight Day 7: 84.2 Weight Loss: 3kgs Day 12 3kgs in one week!!The most ive ever lost in a week! Duromine has given me the opportunity to get out what i put in.. I was working out 3-4x a week but not getting any results i wanted because of my eating!! "Just one more".. "Yes...
  • Starting again

    2 August
    By Rachel12111 at 7:05 AM.
    So I've just started again on Duromine, I was back on it last year in September and to be honest I loved it, I had more energy and I was more focused with eating and working out. By the end of the month I had gone from 89.9kg to 80.3kg which was great, I had picked up a new hobby doing boot...
  • Confession...

    1 August
    By Meesh at 7:38 AM.
    Well.... I had a huge weekend...Birthday party for my eldest then a memorial karaoke for a friend who lost his cancer battle recently. I started Duromine last Monday.. 40mg (refer to my introduction posts and banter if you want to know more about boring old me lol) .. I shall confess.. I...
  • Journey Started

    31 July
    By BitOfaChub at 4:22 PM.
    Start weight : 77.8kg Height: 153cm Posture: Is not confidently held Issues: Sore lower, mid and upper back; Fat arms; Tummy lays next to me at night; Chunky dimpled butt; Cellulite in legs; Fat neck - rolls of fat ; restrictive breathing.. Other...
    By Daisyflower at 12:29 AM.
    Hi everyone I'm 25 and have noticed that lately I have put on weight. When I got on the scales I was expecting to be around 72kg and usually I exaggerate to myself so you can imagine how surprised I was when the scales said 84. Obviously I thought they were broken so I bought new ones. 84... I...
  • Day 1:

    27 July
    By hsd123 at 9:49 AM.
    today is my first day in duromine, I set my alarm for 4:30am and woke up to take it. I then went back to sleep and slept in until 8:30. I haven't felt any increase in energy, but feel that may be because I am fighting a bad cold and bronchitis at the moment. Today I had a smoothie for breakfast...
    By Mumo3girls at 11:22 AM.
    wow its been awhile since I checked in. I have been off duro for awhile now with my final script just waiting to be used. For the first time in 12months I've gained weight and am up 3kgs. I filled my final script and plan to have that 3kgs gone very soon, and hit my 20kgs weight loss. Start...
  • Day 1 :15mg

    26 July
    By hsd123 at 8:56 AM.
    hey! 20 years old. i am starting on duromine tomorrow and i only got my prescription this afternoon and am waiting until the morning to take it. i just have a few questions to ask everyone, as i dont really know anyone who has taken duromine before. Is 4am a good time to take it? do you find...
  • DAY 2

    25 July
    By MINKY01 at 1:30 AM.
    DAY 2 and I woke up with a bit of a headache.. I still find myself feeling hungry buy cravings are definetly not as strong and often as they were. (My main reason for being over weight.) Decidea I would weigh in weekly starting weight yesterday was 87.2 kg height 155cms.. Have increased my water...
  • Day 5

    24 July

    By at 9:52 PM.
    Just starting day 5 today. First 2 days I found it easy enough to go to bed and sleep at my normal time, but then I would be awake for a few hours during the night which was annoying. Body seemed to get used to it after that and am back to sleeping normally. I must say I do have more energy, my...
  • Day 1 30mg

    24 July
    By MINKY01 at 3:06 AM.
    Before taking Duromine I did a lot of research.. made me feel anxious all the negative comments I read online but realised everyone is different and I really needed to see if it would work for me.. I was sooo nervous making a appointment at the dctrs after hearing how hard it was for some to...
    By at 10:16 PM.
    Morning everyone So glad I found this forum this morning. I have started an instagram blog to keep me accountable but have started Duromine 30 today and am going to keep the duromine part off my insta blog as I don't want the negativity on there as it is to be used to keep me positive. I started...
  • Lized
    By Lized at 11:29 AM.
    So I am on day 16 and I haven't lost any weight since my last weigh in (trying to stick to one weigh in a week - each Monday). Seem to have lost about 2cm at least, but last time i checked i was quite bloated (pms)... so feeling quite demotivated. The only think I can think of that I did...
  • Day 8

    10 July
    By ShirleyHeavens at 10:05 AM.
    Update: Hi All. I've struggled to sleep. I have been emotional. My heart is racing. Nausea had me. My Period was Late !!! I lost 2 and a half kilos and 3 cm around my waist in a week which isn't much as that of some of you here but it's something hey... Appetite definitely suppressed....
  • Day 1

    7 July
    By ChrissyD at 1:56 AM.
    Hi all, I started my 30 day cycle today, I weigh 70 at the age of 20. My family motivated me to go on Duromine due to me being the biggest of them all as my two sisters and mum are in the 50's and them being older then me. I started gaining weight when I started working at my current job in...
  • Lized
    By Lized at 9:10 AM.
    Hi all I started on D 4 days ago after much deliberation. I'm naturally an anxious person (my life is quite stressful with small kids, full time corporate job and about 8 years of broken sleep to date) so I was very worried about the side effects I read about online. But first, here's a short...
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