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  • Week 3

    17 June
    By Sammy14 at 10:26 AM.
    hi Just updating , feeling great my pants are really big on me now and I lost weight this week as well. Keeping up my body pump class , I can notice I got firmer legs and arms and it makes me feel strong and great! But diet is also the main cause of weight loss it all comes what you eat when you...
  • Week 1

    17 June
    By Becky_2787 at 6:17 AM.
    Stats Weight 119 BMI 47.7 Week one ended yesterday. The week was exhausting. I have been struggling to sleep. Have not had much of an appetite, but I know I need to eat to keep my metabolism going. Nausea has been an issue as well. As the week went on, all of these issues have slowly gotten...
  • babybear
    By babybear at 12:35 PM.
    hey guys! First time ever using duromine and starting tomorrow.. I'm so nervous and excited! I'm 22, weight 75 and 157cm tall. I regularly exercise and eat quite healthy, just need to tackle snacking lol. I've been trying to lose weight for maybe two years now, lost a little after a break up as...
    By Emily97 at 5:26 PM.
    hey guys, Sorry for such a late post... ive been so disorganised with everything lately. The only thing that has been consistant is taking duromine every morning. Im currently on my 3rd script for duromine and have about 2 weeks left. Since coming back from holiday i havent weighed myself, ate...
  • Day 1

    9 June
    By Becky_2787 at 7:34 AM.
    Day 1. Stats: Starting weight is 122kg. Height is 158.8 which puts my BMI at 48.4kg/m2. What is going on? I saw a new doctor at my usual practice (which I work at) yesterday for my annual health assessment. I had never thought about weight loss medication before. I am at my heaviest that I...
  • Week 2

    8 June
    By Sammy14 at 5:35 AM.
    hi everyone Feeling good clothes are more comfortable now and I lost weight this week as well , not huge but I am happy with progress. Still go to gym , I eat healthy and try to keep on the right track ! So far so good! SW:86.6 Week One :84.7 kg =1.9 kg Week Two :83.8 kg = 0.9 gr almost a...
    By Mumo3girls at 12:29 PM.
    current weight is about 90.5kgs Some times I wonder why I'm even on duro. The scales are moving but very very slowly.. but honestly, I got I wasn't on it, they may be going up instead. So I'm taking the positive side of it and going with that. I start my FINAL month in a few days.. and it will...
  • Sammywammi
    By Sammywammi at 3:07 AM.
    hey everyone I found out today I am having a baby boy everything looks healthy as can be so excited me and my partner are very happy it's a boy now we can start buying clothes and thinking off baby names and telling people That's the belly shot taken yesterday sorry not wearing much but only...
  • Week 1

    2 June
    By Sammy14 at 6:34 AM.
    hi everyone Just updating , I feel great have lots of energy weight myself in and results are in. SW:86.6 Today 84.7 Lost 1.9 kg I am happy with that hope next week I can lose 1 kg , happy if I lose more but any weight loss is great! Good luck to all !
  • Selling

    2 June
    By Jasmin at 6:08 AM.
    Hi everyone, I live in Adelaide and was taking Duromine everyday, I had no side affects as I was only taking half a tablet a day (15mg), I have stopped half way through because me and my partner are planning on trying for a baby soon, anyway I still have half of the packet left and was...
  • Estelle
    By Estelle at 8:34 AM.
    Good Day Everyone!! So I am almost done with my first 30 days on Duromine. Overall feedback on Duromine 30 mg is still undecided o_O. I do have a little bit more energy throughout the day but it surely doesn't keep me awake at night. My appetite is a little bit suppressed, I do get headaches...
  • Katie-Lauren
    By Katie-Lauren at 1:00 PM.
    It is my first day on duromine. SW: 86.9 GW: 60 Side effects experienced. Dry mouth. Racing heart. I went for a walk for 45 minutes and also did not feel hungry during the day at all! I ate very minimal all day. I did drink a LOT of water as I felt I was getting headaches easily but as...
    By Sammy14 at 7:31 AM.
    hi everyone I am starting Duromine 30 tomorrow morning , I have been on Duromine before and lost weight . But since I had my baby my weight just stayed the same losing 5 kg gaining it back and so on. I am already going to the gym I know how to eat healthy done lite n easy in the past know how...
  • 20 days in

    24 May
    By Healthy at 4:38 PM.
    Hello I have been on duromine 30mg for 20 days I started at 122kg and am now 118, I work night shift split through the week so on these days I take my pill around 4pm and go back to normal on my days off, is this okay? I eat pretty good always making sure it's low carbs and portions and...
    By rinawilliams at 5:13 PM.
    Hi I was prescribed 2months worth of duromine only the 15mg ones,I took them for a month and they done absolutely nothing for me therefore I still have a months worth remaining if anyone is interested in them you can contact me 0430923060 8am to 8pm,I'm located in the oxenford area.
  • Stanley
    By Stanley at 9:10 AM.
    I am really trying to get hold of some seems impossible online ??? Any contacts/website much appreciated !
  • Northbeach
    By Northbeach at 12:05 PM.
    Hey guys, I just wanted to update yall on my past 8 weeks of being off duromine. I struggled to take these tablets consistantly but i can honestly say, they are so great to kick start a new lifestyle. My start weight was 79 kgs and my current weight is 68 kgs. so in total i have lost over 10...
  • 2 months on.

    17 May
    By Givingitago at 3:38 AM.
    At heaviest: 75kg Starting weight: 73.2 Goal weight: 60kg Current weight: 66.4kg Weight loss: 6.8kg Mini goal 1: 70kg by April 1 I didn't weigh myself on on April 1, but I was at 69.8 on March 31 New Mini goal 2: 65kgs by April 30 Boo.. fail. I was 66.8 May 1. Updated Mini goal 2: 65 kgs...
  • Estelle
    By Estelle at 9:18 AM.
    Good Morning everyone!! Today is my 14th day on Duromine - I had a great loss in week one but it seems like my second week was not as great :( I weighed this morning and weighed 73 kg which means I've actually gained some of the loss in week 1 but am still 1kg down from my starting weight. I...
  • StarryG
    By StarryG at 2:22 PM.
    I have been on 30mg for approx 2 months now and I have the following observations: Negatives I can't believe I am listing all this as an actual negative, but here goes... Apart from the first day, I have had no side effects. None. And to be honest, I thought that first day may have been a...
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