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  • Givingitago
    By Givingitago at 4:09 AM.
    At heaviest: 75kg Starting weight: 73.2 Goal weight: 60kg Current weight: 72.0 Weight loss: 1.2kg Mini goal: 70kg by April 1 So I guess my request for a miracle pill from my doctor was indeed not possible. Day 4 i talked about feeling absolutely hungry all day. Day 5 was not much better, I...
  • First post

    24 March
    By Suzette at 2:22 AM.
    Today is my 2nd day on duromine 30mg. Ashamed to say my starting weight is 119.5kg . boxing day I was 132kg and have manages to loose 12.5kg by quitting sugar and junk. Now using duromine to hopefully help me shed the rest. My goal is to get 80kg, if I do that never know I might just keep on...
  • Diary Day 1

    23 March
    By nat72p at 1:43 PM.
    COMMENCE date 23rd March. 45 years today. Happy Birthday to me Duromine 30mg. Side effects > so thirsty!!! A little light headedness. SW 85 KG GW 68 KG
  • Oh my...

    23 March
    By StarryG at 5:57 AM.
    Ok, dunno what is going on, but I just ate one row (1/4 packet) of Sakata Rice Crackers and....I put the packet back!!!!!! WTH! *giggle* This has never happened before! Think this emotional eater is finally getting the hang of it!
  • StarryG
    By StarryG at 1:19 AM.
    So, I am at the end of Week 2, and I am feeling ok. Being more awake has its benefits during the day, but at night it can be a pain. I've always had trouble staying asleep, so it is nothing new, but now I wake up in the middle of the night without a shred of tiredness. Takes an age to get...
  • Hope

    22 March
    By Northbeach at 12:47 AM.
    Hey! It's been a few weeks since i last posted, I stopped taking duromine again for two weeks, i started back on 30mg on monday 20/3. So all up I have been on duromine for 7 weeks out of 10. My weight has been steady over this period since my last weigh in at 75kgs 4 weeks ago. Today i weighed...
  • Givingitago
    By Givingitago at 11:23 AM.
    So the last two days I've noticed that the appetite suppression isn't working as much anymore. I am still eating smaller portions but i am feeling more hungry. Especially today all I can feel is my hunger. I was so hungry i scoffed down vietnamese rolls on the way home (not even 6 yet) and then...
  • Week 1

    20 March
    By StarryG at 1:47 AM.
    I was hoping to summarise my first week way before the second one was almost finished, but sometimes life happens. :) When I took the first 15mg caps, a few hours later I felt a bit... energetic. I was so productive that day, hehe. But that was the one and only time I felt any of that. At...

    19 March
    Vamp Girl
    By Vamp Girl at 11:13 PM.
    Not feeling it for the past couple of days :(
  • Week 11 2017

    19 March
    By Mumo3girls at 8:17 AM.
    Week 11 of 2017. 93.8kgs 3kgs lost for 2017 Total loss since August 2016 13.2kgs I ran my first trail run today, 6.3km. It was hard, I was slow. I only managed to run 2-3km and then walk/run the rest of the way. BUT, I done it, and i didn't die. I done sometbing I haven't done before. My...
  • Day 2

    18 March
    By Givingitago at 9:29 PM.
    At heaviest: 75kg Starting weight: 73.2 Goal weight: 60kg Current weight: 72.2 Weight loss: 1kg Mini goal: 70kg by April 1 I woke up on day 2, not completely refreshed seeing I did only get to sleep 2 hours earlier. I took my second pill and was okay. Didn't feel the same level of energy as...
    By Givingitago at 9:16 PM.
    At heaviest: 75kg Starting weight: 73.2kg Goal weight: 60kg Mini goal: 70kg by April 1 Not quite sure how to start this but I discovered this forum the day before I decided to try duromine. I would like to think i am usually relatively fit exercising 5-6 times a week. However, in the last 2...
  • Vamp Girl
    By Vamp Girl at 10:21 PM.
    Well today I had my 8 week health check with my Exercise Physiologist. I've been seeing Nick for 8 weeks now and am in week 5 of Duromine. Total weight loss 5.5kg Total body measurements - 24.5cm lost overall To be honest I thought my measurements would be better so i'm feeling a little...
  • Increased Dose

    16 March
    Vamp Girl
    By Vamp Girl at 3:09 AM.
    Hi everyone. I'm on week 5. The first month my doctor put me on 30mg and the weight started to come off. Doctor has now increased me to 40mg for the second month and I am really noticing the difference. Not difference in weight loss but in the increased dose. I have really dry mouth, keep...
  • Niki
    By Niki at 8:37 PM.
    Hi everyone, So my journey started on Monday, 13 March. These tablets were recommended by a friend of mine who used this a few years ago and is still at her goal weight. After she used these for 2 months, she maintained her weight and is still going strong. With the right motivation I guess...
  • 2017 week 4-10

    15 March
    By Mumo3girls at 11:15 AM.
    hey guys it's been awhile since j posted.. For those who don't know my story and can't be bothered reading it all here is a brief run down.. August 2016, I started duromine at 107kgs. I ended 2016 at 96kgs, 7kgs while on duromine, the rest on my own. Currently sitting at about 94.5 kgs and...
  • StarryG
    By StarryG at 5:21 AM.
    I've always been on the larger side. I was born at 10lb 3oz (my poor mum!) and it has blossomed from there. I've tried many types of diets and healthy life changes along the way, but I still seem to put all the weight back on. My crowning glory occurred in my mid 30's when I managed to slim...
  • Back again!

    13 March
    By Mellymoo at 7:04 PM.
    It's been a very long time since I've used Duromine. When I first started over two years ago I had weighed in at 87kgs, now I am currently 67kgs. My original goal was to hit 60kgs but after I reached 66kgs and was able to do my breast augmentation I stopped taking duromine. I wasn't able to...
  • Clovia
    By Clovia at 5:44 AM.
    Ok what to write here....well to start from the begining I have been told is a good place to start. well it all started many moons ago when hubby was on night shifts and I was to depressed to cook for only one and well hungry jacks was 2 doors away. so each night I would gorge on crap and I...
  • Introduction.

    10 March
    By teenduromine at 4:41 AM.
    Name: Olivia Age: 17 Country: Australia Height: 168.5cm Start Weight: 77kgs Start date: 8.3.17 Type: 30mg Metermine - I left highschool after year 10 & studied for a year. I am now working full time. -I've never been a healthy eater (along with never drinking water). I believe my teenage...
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