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  • hello

    28 April
    By linmurray at 7:39 AM.
    Hi everyone my name is Lin . stating Duromine Tomorrow very excited if any ones has any advise it would be greatly appreciated.
    By Nikkiscassa at 11:07 AM.
    Is anyone selling unwanted duromine?
    By Clisa at 11:21 AM.
    Hi, Today is my first day taking 30mg. I need to lose 35kg and am excited about making positive life changes. I took the tablet this morning at 6.30am after a protein fuelled breakfast. After a busy morning I realised at 2pm I hadn't eaten but wasn't hungry at all. I ate a small tub of...
  • Nervous to start

    22 April
    By Avarose13 at 6:59 AM.
    Hi there everyone ! I'm very new went to the Drs yesterday and asked for an aperture suppressor and got prescribed duromine, he warned me of all the side affects, which has scared me terribly like brain bleeds and heart attacks :/ how has everyone's experience been any advice ? >.< worth it?...

    19 April
    By Emily97 at 6:24 AM.
    Hey guys, ive been lazy with posting on here lately but i feel like i should update as this week i'll have to go back to my doctor for a new script. My actual date for this was 15/4/17, i always weigh in on saturdays so im a bit late writing on here. -1.9 kg for week 3!!!! So thats a total of...
  • Hannah_NZ
    By Hannah_NZ at 11:02 AM.
    Wow! The last 7 weeks have been insane.. In a nutshell, my determination and focus was challenged and I caved in BUT I guess shit happens. I'm back here on this website again, slightly embarrassed that I can give an amazing report on my weight loss but it's all part of the journey. Last week I...
    By Givingitago at 7:23 AM.
    At heaviest: 75kg Starting weight: 73.2 Goal weight: 60kg Current weight: 67.8kg Weight loss: 5.4kg Mini goal 1: 70kg by April 1 I didn't weigh myself on on April 1, but I was at 69.8 on March 31 New Mini goal 2: 65kgs by April 30 Now over a month in, the last week was my slowest weight...
    Vamp Girl
    By Vamp Girl at 7:16 AM.
    Well back again after a long Easter weekend. Just thought i'd update you all. I've been on 40mg for month 2 of my 3 month course and after 3 weeks I had a complete meltdown. I've been feeling really edgy, wound up, stressed, whatever you want to call it and on Friday I snapped. Screamed my...
  • First week

    16 April
    By Ashie at 11:17 AM.
    Well here I am, I have always had a weight problem in fact I can trace it all the way back to eight years old and I am now nearly 52. Weight loves me and even if I watch what I eat I seem to increase in girth. It's all very depressing and I find excuses not to go out with friends. This week I...
  • Week 13-15

    12 April
    By Mumo3girls at 6:30 AM.
    week 13-15 of 2017, Down another 400gms to 91.8kgs. Happy with my slow progress because it means it's more likely to stay off and I'm focusing so much on the mental side of weight loss rather than just losing weight. It's all such a mental game and I don't want to just lose weight and then...
  • Baby update

    11 April
    By Sammywammi at 3:48 AM.
    hey everyone just had my 12 week scan everything looks perfect I find out in a week if it's got anything wrong with it or not but here is my baby we nicknamed it potato
    By Monika1104 at 6:40 AM.
    Start weight 85 kg's C/W 81 kgs - week one done G/W 71kgs - 10 to go!
  • Givingitago
    By Givingitago at 2:03 PM.
    At heaviest: 75kg Starting weight: 73.2 Goal weight: 60kg Current weight: 68.8kg Weight loss: 4.6kg Mini goal 1: 70kg by April 1 I didn't weigh myself on on April 1, but I was at 69.8 on March 31 New Mini goal 2: 65kgs by April 30 I have not been able to update in awhile, but it is now Day...

    5 April
    Vamp Girl
    By Vamp Girl at 11:57 PM.
    Hello everyone. It's been a while since I updated you all. Weighed myself this morning - another kg down - yahoo. The weight loss has slowed down now but slow and steady wins the race right? I have to say that I preferred the 30mg to the 40mg that i'm on now. I have dry mouth constantly and...
  • Nikkstar
    By Nikkstar at 11:41 AM.
    So I'm on my second day, I don't yet feel a suppressed appetite or boost of energy, I know I definitely have the dry mouth but no other side affects yet, I slept pretty consistent to how I normally sleep most nights. Im a light sleeper, I like to sleep on my side but I toss and turn every hour...
    By Emily97 at 2:38 PM.
    So guys today was my first weigh in!!!!! My starting weight was 85.2kg and today i weigh 83.2kg. SO THATS 2KG GONE!! I feel so happy to see this result because i know i havent exercised majorly, just some swimming laps and 1 sesh at the gym!
    By StarryG at 12:55 PM.
    Okay, so I weighed and measured myself this morning and I am being a bit slow to be excited, I think: [ATTACH] Can I really see a 3.3 kg loss? I have never lost so much in one week. Although such a loss was recorded, and there is a small change in my size, I don't feel any different. My...
  • Nikkstar
    By Nikkstar at 12:31 AM.
    So its the 1st of April I think I've finally had enough of my weight gain! I think that to myself every couple of months yet here we are another 4 or 5 months since I last weighed myself yet I’m another 3-4 Kgs heavier then the last time, Im at my heaviest ever of 119.7 Kg. It shocks me to think...

    30 March
    By Emily97 at 3:16 AM.
    So this is my first week on the 30 mg duromine, i weigh in on saturday. Firstly id like to give you guys some backround information on me; im 19 and my starting weight was 86kgs. I've always been big, i think its in the family. I used to try diets every month but nothing seemed to stick. So...
    Vamp Girl
    By Vamp Girl at 4:38 AM.
    Hello everyone. Well - i'm back feeling positive again. My 40mg is causing me a lot of sleep disruption but i'm determined to stick with it. Back at the gym and smashing it. Seems like my time of feeling like c..p is over. Haven't weighed myself yet - a little scared to as I've eaten a...
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