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  • Day 8

    16 March
    By Dea at 7:09 AM.
    I am on Duromine 15mg now for 8 days i lost 5kg in 6 days i am so proud of my self. My weight was 104 kg when i started and on day 6 99kg. I am going to weigh myself in 4 days from now to see how much i lost. My ideal weight will be 55 kg.
  • Day 8 & 9

    6 March
    By Lizansun at 5:40 PM.
    lol I skipped 2 days but it’s because it when so great I actually forgot I was Ons it hahahaha...and so vra no side affects I feel so comfortable in my own skin it feels amazing!
  • Day 7

    4 March
    By Lizansun at 6:33 PM.
    Today Was owsem I am 106 now los 4 I feel great can’t wait to Loos the next 4 keep your fingers crossed for me :D
  • Day 6

    3 March
    By Lizansun at 2:19 AM.
    all I can say is i wish it was as good as yesterday lol...I was in town the hole day and the place I ate only sell burgers so I had that and salad still I should not of eaten it .....but I can say I have not had any side effects so am happy about that
  • Day 5

    3 March
    By Lizansun at 2:16 AM.
    today was ok I had no problems today went as smoothly as can be had a lot of seaport today so it was great
    By Rome at 12:40 AM.
    Hi there, I live in Tanzania and need to purchase Duromine pills (not capsules) from South Africa. Any idea? Thanks
  • Day 4

    1 March
    By Lizansun at 7:23 AM.
    Well today was better I Just keep reminding myself Rome was not build in one day so I should give my body time :D today starts by my outs then this afternoon I ate a Appel and for dinner I had chicken breast (no skin) whit a nice saled ....and I feel great I have to say today I felt a...
  • Day 3

    28 February
    By Lizansun at 8:54 PM.
    Today what’s not a nice day ...I ate my 2 times a day and everything was just going wrong and I took to comfort food( a slice of cake ) yes am ashamed but I just feel like am not loosing anything when I read some ppls bloges thay Loos in the first day they can feel a deference and I don’t and...
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