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    By juzzy at 1:11 PM.
    So I slept about 2 hours last night....rough and a bit hard on the brain but I should get over it in a day or two. Out of bed at 5.20am to go milking cows, had a glass of water before I went and a mug of tea while milking. Home at 9am made 1 poached egg and 2 slices of toast ( 1/2 of the normal...
  • the hardest step

    20 October
    By juzzy at 9:53 PM.
    I looked in the mirror just now and hated what I saw. I am 41, I have a life many people would love to have. I have an awesome wife, 4 amazing daughters, work part-time in a field I love while studying to move into a career that in one way has saved me from suicide. But I cant enjoy these...
  • Rob84
    By Rob84 at 12:20 PM.
    Well Yesterday was a longgggg day! I had my night shift start at 7pm the previous evening and i worked though to 7am in the morning (12hrs), THEN was called into my second job on a site doing steal frame work and i was there till 1pm. So i FORGOT to take a duro!! i missed one!! opss! Still I was...
  • 2 months&19 days

    19 October
    By Lupe at 8:19 PM.
    2 months&19 days on duromine and I’m almost there. 10kgs to go. I’m nearly at the end of my 3 months. So so scared to jump off incase my appetite goes back to normal. I’m starting a weight loss challenge on Sunday so will definitley be walking home from work everyday. Can not wait! Will...
  • Rob84
    By Rob84 at 11:13 PM.
    I finished around 7am this morning, got home and crashed in bed. I woke around 11am. Did the usual things around the house, then while watching a movie I got on the treadmill. I lasted 1 hour, walking at a fairly high pace, and I help on to 2.5kg dumbbells, doing curls and all sorts of arm...
  • EmilyKate
    By EmilyKate at 7:13 PM.
    Side effects today are a bit intense. Feeling like day 1....but with a bit more paranoia... Claggy mouth.. tight throat... struggling to eat.. Does anyone know how to help these side effect on days where it can get a bit anoying...???? I Love the fact that im not hungry but im not a huge fan of...
    Gillian Ogbourne
    By Gillian Ogbourne at 5:31 PM.
    Hi everyone Starting weight 132.6kgs Goal weight 82kgs Starting date 17/10/2017 My name is gillian and I am 31 years old. I have a son who is just over 1 year old now. Before falling pregnant I was 123kgs. Still far too heavy for my full term wirh my son I was 148kgs. I am...
  • Rob84
    By Rob84 at 3:15 PM.
    Hi there guys, Had a good sleep last night, felt tiered after the weekend and a busy day at work. Ive got some night shifts now so this morning i got to the pool and had a good swim and thats about it really haha. Now chilling till work, keeping on with good food and yeah, nothing too crazy to...
    By Rob84 at 1:53 AM.
    The family dinner party went very well! I didn't over do the food side of things which I'm happy about, but i did have a couple drinks, which i probably shouldn't have, It did keep me awake, however i did get to sleep (eventually) and i got my usual amount of hours. Back at work, been super...
  • Day 14 - Weigh In.

    15 October
    By Rob84 at 11:01 AM.
    Starting weight 111.5 kgs Week 1 (Day 7) Week 2 (Day 14) Weight: 105.40 kgs 102.65 kgs body fat: 34% 33.3% body water: 48.1% 48.6% BF weight: 35.8 kgs 34.2 kgs Bone mass: 8.4 %...
  • Day 13 - Yard Work.

    14 October
    By Rob84 at 4:56 PM.
    I made a slight bugger up and the family DO is tomorrow! So today as im not at work, its yard clean up day and yes it takes all day haha, snipper the edges, mow the front n back, gota weed the garden beds and clean down the patio, had a simple breaky and a 6inc Subway (for lunch), which filled...
  • Just started

    13 October
    By Wonderaboutweightloss at 8:12 PM.
    hi, I have been out on to the 15mg dose, but my doctor advised me to take a tablet every second day to avoid the side effects. He said that it would stay in my system to still aid weight loss. I was a little disappointed with my 1kg loss for my first week, as I get the impression that the first...
  • Day 12 - Rest day.

    13 October
    By Rob84 at 3:29 PM.
    Hi there guys, My hips where a bit sore this morning as a result of my little run yesterday, and being that I've had a few days in a row of training, Today will be a rest day. Plenty of water, fruit, maybe a recovery drink (50 cals) Had a bowl of 'just right' with hilo milk, that sits around...
    By EmilyKate at 10:26 PM.
    Hey guys, just thought id ask ppl of anyone has swaped around from different Mg's of Duromine? And what it was that you noticed or prefered or what? Have you had better results on higher or even lower? Did you have more or less side effects? Many thanks
    By Rob84 at 12:43 PM.
    Yesterday was good gym wise, had a good weights sesh in the morning for 30 mins, then in the afternoon did 25 mins on the rowing machine, had a good dinner and yeah slept well. This morning before shift, Got my ass outa bed and got on the treadmill, cracked out 3 kms in 30 mins, not earth...
    By Emtime at 9:24 PM.
    So a little update! I went to my doctors today to get my blood test back and it turns out I have a pretty bad iron deficiency. Doesn't effect my weight, however because of it, my gp won't give me duromine until my levels are back to normal which he won't retest for another month :( so it's iron...
  • Rob84
    By Rob84 at 1:28 PM.
    Well its day 10 already! Yesterday was a pretty active 'all over the show' day, I did feel a few periods of dry mouth, which I don't have a problem with as it prompts me to drink water, just thought id record the symptom. I slept like a log again and when the alarm went off I didn't wana get...
    By Rob84 at 6:48 PM.
    Ok's so i got a weight watchers set of scales that are kinder tech'y as they give a heap of results as well as your weight. SOOOOooooo here they are; as of today - weight: 105.40 kgs body fat: 34% body water: 48.1% BF weight: 35.8 kgs Bone mass: 8.4 % Its kinda full on to think that i have 35...
  • Rob84
    By Rob84 at 10:23 PM.
    Hi there guys n gals. So today was day 8, first day after the awesome weigh in and yeah, feeling good. I didnt have shift work today and my side job was also cancelled today too, so after all that it ended up being a home day, which was cool, i sorted i reno plans, worked in the yard and garden...
  • October 2017

    9 October
    By Lupe at 3:26 PM.
    Hey guys! Was going through some old photos and never realised how big I was. My weight just kept going up and down and when it shot up in July I just knew something had to be done. And then I decided duromine was the option. 1/4 through my 3rd month. Attached a photo of my weight differences...
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