Weigh in - Week 3

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I was up for a walk early this morning. And it was Monday. That means it's weigh in time. I lost another 900 gm. So that means I've now lost 4.3 kg in 3 weeks. I'm happy with that. That includes healthy eating and 4 walks a week.

ALSO I've reached my first goal, which was to be under 90 kg. I achieved that by just making it under - 89.9 kg. Next goal is to get under 85 kg.

My BMI has gone from 34.6 to 33.02 in just 3 weeks. Now to keep this going for yet another week.

Ahead of schedule with my weight loss - blue line is my "want to lose" graph line and the green is what I am actually losing.

Mar 31, 2014
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