Week 4 Day 7 - Expectations for this past week + 1 month check up

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Nearly a week of being out of action and multiple occasions of feeling like I kicked this flu’s butt and then waking up the next morning feeling terrible again. Yesterday I felt all around horrible and today I just felt so tired,light headed and just kind of out of it.

It’s my official weigh in for week 4 tomorrow morning but I am not expecting to have lost much if anything at all. I have only been getting around an average of 4 hours sleep a night since being sick and the past two days I have barely eaten anything at all due to the thought of food making me want to be sick. For a normal person barely eating anything for a couple of days would be a good thing in terms of weight loss right, so why do I not expect to have lost anything? Well because clearly I am not normal and although I usually am a bit below my 1200 calorie goal, when I go below 300 calories a day I tend to either gain weight or it doesn’t change and with the past 2 days being under 300 cals I just don’t see a good loss coming this week.

Upside.. I am prepared for it so I’m not going to let it affect me. Just gives me more motivation to make every day count once I am back up and running again. Which I hope is soon ... oh please make that be soon. It’s a really weird feeling being sick and physically run down but my mind still wanting to get up and tackle the day. It’s a feeling like I’m trapped and weighed down and to be honest I still had multiple moments each day where I would mentally give myself pep talks like “okay you can do this, time to stop feeling sorry for yourself.. blow that nose one more time, get off your a** and do something productive!” And I would be like “okay I can do this” then I would get up, feeling determined, take a few steps (sometimes even manage to complete some small task) and then be hit like a truck with all the lovely symptoms this flu has graced me with. Atleast I have worked on my self pep talks this week, everything else might have slipped but I have that.

On another note .. I seen my doctor yesterday for my 1 month check up. She was really impressed with my progress, not just with my weighloss so far but also with how much effort I have been putting in this time around. I see the same doctor I have seen since I was a child, so she has seen me through a lot of different diets, fads and previous attempts at weightloss and the look on her face this time was so reassuring that I am on the right track. It made me feel really good especially with not having the greatest support system at home. She was more thrilled about the amount that I have lost so far than I was but I feel reassured that I’m still making decent progress despite being significantly behind some of the people behind the threads I have read on here.

I made sure to ask this time about how long my course of duromine will be, which my doc decided that she will happily let me complete 3 months of duromine but then I will need to have a 3 month break before she will be able to prescribe it again so she reccomended that in my last month I start to take it every second day and then every 3rd.

Apparently this is the standard for prescribing duromine although I’ve never heard of anyone having to have a 3 month break before, I thought it was typically a month. I feel like that could be a struggle and undo a lot of hard work, especially for people that have a lot to loose and loose an appropriate amount in their 3 months on duromine but in comparison to the total amount they need to loose seems like not much at all. It’s very easy to go off course over 3 months when you are still trying to loose a lot of weight, especially when weight loss then slows or comes to a halt.

Anyway that’s all of my thoughts for now. I know it’s late but I think I may have to go and find something small to eat as I am starting to feel really sick which I think is due to barely eating anything. I will check in again tomorrow with my offical progress for the week but again I don’t expect much.
May 11, 2018
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