April Jul 3, 2018
Emma, you’re doing great and I am so happy that the side effects don’t bother you anymore! You’re lucky! =) Fingers crossed you introduce a new exercising routine once you have time. Until then, you might talk your daughter into exercising together, I mean the fun stuff, like Zumba and similar. My girls love this time together. We fool around and laugh a lot, and the trainings go fast and entertaining. =)

As for the taste changes… I started feeling SALT in the food. I was staying away from sugar already for quite some time before Duromine, but the salt… even a fresh cucumber that I just picked seemed salty for me. but this ended by week 3.

Applause on reducing the coffee intake! Wow! From 8 to 2… and no sugar in it! You go! Have an amazingly rewarding week 2!