Week 1

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I was hoping to summarise my first week way before the second one was almost finished, but sometimes life happens. :)

When I took the first 15mg caps, a few hours later I felt a bit... energetic. I was so productive that day, hehe. But that was the one and only time I felt any of that. At the moment, the caps are making me more awake (no falling asleep at my desk anymore!) and i have a bit of reflux, which is screwing with my head a little. I feel a bit acidy, and it kinda feels like hunger, so I have to be careful and work out which it is before I take action. And the sweats!!! Oh my. I've had to increase my water intake because I sweat at the slightest provocation...mainly around my head but my body gets a bit sticky as well. 5 minute walk to the station for work and I am dripping... At least it gets the toxins out, I guess! :)

On the up side, I seem to feel fuller a bit quicker than normal. Which means I have needed to practice mindful eating. If I eat fast, I end up eating too much and feel really bloated a half hour after.

Exercise has been good for me too. I have been doing Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred DVD 3 days a week and walking as much as I can in between. I'm enjoying the 'me' time I get when I exercise, hehe, because my partner doesn't want to do it with me.

To date I haven't lost any weight, which is a bit disappointing, but sure, it is only the first week. I've got an appt with my Dr on Wednesday, so I'll talk with him about it then. I think I may need to increase the dosage despite my high-ish blood pressure.
Mar 20, 2017
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