Determined93 Apr 30, 2018
Hi there, I wish I wouldn’t have told anyone that I was taking duromine because now when I have a good week all I cop is “oh you’re just going to gain it all back when you stop” despite the fact that I have completely changed my eating habits and am more active then I was. I understand what you mean by looking back at photos and feeling ashamed, I actually lost a heap of weight 2 years ago but didn’t realise it at the time and now looking back on those pics I hate seeing how I am now.
As for the headaches and bloating .. I’m not sure what you can do about the bloating but I get headaches as well and find that when I feel one coming on I take a couple of panadole and increase my water intake and that seems to help but if I don’t get it as it’s coming on I’m usually stuck with it for the rest of the day but water and panadole help keep it bearable.
I hope that helps and would love to hear an update on how you are doing.
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