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Hi , my name is Tshililo From South Africa

I got my 30mg prescription on Friday(08/06/2018) . I could not start right away because on Saturday ( yesterday) it was my husband's birthday and we already had plans in case I get side effects.

Started today on a Sunday ( 10/06/2018)

Weight today 100.2 kg
Height 173 cm
Age 28 years old
Pants size 40
BMI 33.5 Obese

Took the pill at 6:45 am with two glasses of water.
Had breakfast at 7:43 am ( musli and plain yogurt)
By 11:30 I already had 6 glasses of water and everything was all well.
11:45 had an orange for snack, and rooibos tea with lemon and xylitol ( I have cut down sugar)
13:00 lunch 2 boiled eggs, green salad, water, 1 slice or rye bread with rooibos tea again.

By 15:00 already had 9 glasses of water

Now is 16:20 and I just ate 1 banana .

From around lunch time, I have been feeling dizzy with headache, took some pain.meds, it got better after lying down in a sofa. I don't feel any change in my appetite though, not worried since is just my first day.

I know is day 1 and my body is getting used to the drug, I have to assist my system by drinking a lot of water and positive thoughts. Is not easy BUT I will get through this.

Will be updating my weight every Sunday.
Xxx xxx
Jun 11, 2018
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