The Duromine Diaries : Day 6

Published by Bessie Bunter . Views: 283

SW: 16st 9lb 2oz (106kg)
CW: 16st 8lb 2oz (105.2kg)
GW: 10st (63.5kg)

Well, things didn't get any better when I weighed myself in the morning.
I'd gained a whole 2oz from sleeping!

I was more active today, but very conscious that I was tired and breathless...although this would have more to do with the amount of blood I have been loosing over the last 2 weeks than any effects of Duromine.
Unfortunately the Duromine is having an impact on my bleeding, hence it not having stopped...yet.

No side effects other than a slight thirst and a nap around 2.30pm.

I was out till late and by the time I arrived home at 11.30pm I was ready for bed. Fortunately it didn't take me long to fall asleep once I was horizontal.
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