Starting again

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So I've just started again on Duromine, I was back on it last year in September and to be honest I loved it, I had more energy and I was more focused with eating and working out.

By the end of the month I had gone from 89.9kg to 80.3kg which was great, I had picked up a new hobby doing boot camps 3/4 mornings a week and was feeling great, however I slipped for 3 months was working out and then I went on holiday, then had my parent to visit over Christmas followed by an ankle injury means I did work out for 6 months!!!! in that six months the weight came on, I'll be honest with myself it wasn't like I actually did any healthy eating became obsessed with McDonald's.

So I've gone back to the doctor and started Duromine 30mg again, this time I'm determined to make this a lifestyle change i've resigned with the bootcamp I was with last time and also taking up some swimming this week to try and make a boost to get some weight off.

I'm day 2 and so far feeling pretty good again the dry month is back but seem to be going ok so far :)
Aug 2, 2017
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