My Duromine Journey

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So I started on Monday with my 30 mg Duromine, I took my tablet at 07h00 and felt it kick n at about 09h00. It was that sudden rush of adrenalin. It was like I had all of this energy and I could feel all of my senses where working on overdrive. I ended up drinking 6 Litres of water and the insomnia kicked in. Day 2 was just the same, it felt like I was working on a high. had a splitting headache the entire day. I consumed 5 litres of water and I managed to get some sleep. Today is Day 3 and I feel a lot calmer. Im down to 2 litres of water so far and that rushy feeling has dissipated. Im still on my normal workout of an hour on the treadmill every day. So far there has been no change in my weight.
Oct 31, 2018
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