April Jul 10, 2018
Poor thing! I hope your back heals fast and I think you took a wise decision to let the side effects of the first drug settle down before you start with Duromine. Did the GP mention anything about possible interactions or influence over each other's action for these two meds?
Chin up, Roxanne! Diet is not the worst thing in your life. really... if you have the possibility to avoid the weight loss surgery, you should put your foot down and do all you can to avoid it. You see, it's human nature to let yourself "relax" if you know that you still have an option in your sleeve, and for you this option is the surgery. Well, surgeries are already bad by themselves, and the ones that can go wrong are surely VERY BAD. Don't let your mind trick you into thinking that Duromine is second to last, make it the last option and work your ALL off!
I decided to reread your first blog post and wanted to quote your own encouraging words, and they are there... but I found something else. Another very important phrase, which explains lots of things, and in my opinion, it is where you need to start. You said "I was not a priority to me" When we, women, stop placing ourselves at the top of our priorities list, we tend to forget completely that all those people, whom we put at the top, need us. They need us healthy and happy, strong and self-confident, convinced and strong. We think tha the more we give, the better we do for our loved ones. Yes, they are good, you give them your life and health and ALL. If you keep doing this, they will soon have to get by without you, because your health has been left without attention for so long... Here's an amazing post, written by an amazing woman, our forum user. I hope it will help you and I hope that I did not offend you anyhow with my message. I just want you to be as healthy as happy as possible.