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Not related to the title, but I need to clarify how I view Duromine. - To me its a tool that allows me to suppress my appetite and increase my metabolism whilst making the changes to my lifestyle that I need to make so that I can form healthy habits.

So whilst taking Duromine, your appetite becomes suppressed - "Im just not hungry" or "I need to remind myself to eat" are comments that are regularly repeated on the hundreds of posts here on the forum. I know for myself most definitely that from the first week of starting Duromine that I started to look at food a little differently. It very quickly became "eating for fuel" and because of that more healthier choices were made and you start to create deficits within your calorie intake without even really trying. The end result is that we start to lose weight. Yippee!!

I also knew that Duromine boosted my metabolism. The appetite suppression happens because it boosts serotonin levels in your brain, and that can change your blood pressure, generally causing it to go higher (hence Dr's like to keep an eye on it).

So your blood pressure rises, and even if its only slightly - it increases your circulation and because of that increased blood flow, oxygen and nutrients are able to get into our body's cells much easier and faster. This causes a series of chemical processes in each cell that turns the calories into fuel. Hence a speedier metabolism. Some people are lucky and have a faster metabolism and in general terms these are the ones that tend to find it easier to lose weight.

So I kept thinking to myself I really need to speed up my metabolism, what the bloody hell can I do? I combed through the net, read a lot of articles and found more things that contributed to slowing down your metabolism than speeding it up.

The 3 most common were;

Age - as you age your cells do too, and of course your metabolism becomes slower. Unfortunately no magic pill to become instantly younger, but if we work on our muscle mass, we can keep our metabolism working at its peak (muscle mass increases our metabolic rate) So for us older folks, exercise should be a priority by not only doing cardio, but by working on all our muscle groups each week!

Stress - it releases cortisol which is a hormone released by the adrenal gland. Linked to increase weight gain.
Whats the first thing Dr's generally prescribe? its exercise! Its been proven over and over again, exercise reduces stress by releasing endorphins from the pituitary gland. When these are released into our blood stream we get that "natural high" or "feel good feeling" which in turn releases some of our stress making us feel better. It also has an added effect of reducing pain! So regular physical activity will make your stress more manageable and the more you exercise the more endorphins are released.

Sleep - Poor sleep can disrupt your metabolic patterns, which in turn can slow your metabolism. I read about a study where some volunteers were subjected to poor sleep. Even after one night, their metabolic patterns were disturbed enough that it gave them more resistance to insulin. What's insulin - its a fat storing hormone! What's the easiest solution - exercise!! Exercise whilst releasing endorphins can also make you absolutely knackered, and if the body is tired from a hard work out, it reasons that sleep will soon follow. (Sleep is probably what we all lack and miss the most in the start of our Duromine journey, but it is so important in being able to function properly, that I personally ended up getting an OTC aid to help me for those nights you cant switch off).

Ok exercise is a major key.. but what type of activity should I be doing? What is going to make my metabolism work that little bit faster so I can get the best bang for my buck? Back to the web I went and again there is a crap load of info out there, but what made sense to me because it could be adapted or changed to each individual person was;
The more I read about it, the more it made sense! It allows you to tailor your own exercises to get better results, and it didn't matter if you were focused on cardio, resistance, strength or weights.

It actually stands for;
Frequency - how often you work out.
Intensity - How hard you work out.
Time - How long you work out.
Type - What type of workout?
How could I use the above to incorporate into my exercises?

If you happen to read my posts regarding my journey, you would most likely know that I started out walking. So heres an example; I start out walking 3 times a week, for 30 mins at a moderate pace. Awesome! Haven't exercised for 10 years and I am slowly getting myself used to the activity, feeling good :). A few weeks go by and my body starts to adapt and several things could happen:

Efficiency: My body has become more efficient - meaning the more I workout the easier it is, so guess what? I am now burning fewer calories than I did at the start.

Weight loss: Again when I started - great loss on the scales, but now my body expends fewer calories moving, I have reached the dreaded plateau.

Boredom: Bloody hell, I have been doing the same exercise week after week, its grating and Im losing my motivation.

If I apply the above F.I.T.T. I could;

Frequency - add another day of walking.
Intensity - going to walk faster, or throw in some interval training.
Time - mix up how long I am exercising for, or change the time of day that I am usually walking.
Type - stuff it, its going to be a run day, or Im going to do Zumba!

The metabolism is a funny thing - it actually learns what your body is doing and therefore starts to show some resistance when you want to lose weight, so just as we can trick it by calorie shifting (by alternating your calorie intake each day) we can also do it by incorporating the above.

Boost your metabolism = burn more calories = more weight loss.

~My blog is all about writing down what I am thinking and what conclusions I come too, and I know others might not agree with how I come to my answers :) but it is my blog :D
May 25, 2018
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