Journey Started

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Start weight : 77.8kg
Height: 153cm
Posture: Is not confidently held
Issues: Sore lower, mid and upper back; Fat arms; Tummy lays next to me at night; Chunky dimpled butt; Cellulite in legs; Fat neck - rolls of fat ; restrictive breathing..
Other Inconveniences: Not easy doing shoes up. Can be challenging to umm - reach my butt; lots of nice clothes, but they're too small....

In comparison, I guess I do have less to lose than some - however my shape is one of obesity... I do look and feel like an Oompa-Loompa... I am an overweight woman - and I need not be.

I have had just 3 duromine capsules so far... I wonder just how much they can assist me with my personal mission...

No expectations - Only 'Hopes'...

See how it all pans out..

Bought a pushbike rhe other day.. Ouch - sore bum!! Hope I get used to that soon.. ;)
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