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Hi. My name is ASANDA
I'm from South Africa. 27 currently a size 40 pants size. Started duromine 4 days ago. No major side effects, but have become a very light sleeper. Before duromine I weighed 93.80 managed to go down to 88.10 but over 3 months.

I don't have a diet in motion currently, but I'm having a very low carb diet with no sugar. I only eat my meat veggies and fruits. I only drink water and Apple cider vinegar.

I go to gym and do cardio for an hour and if I don't go to gym like today I skip here at home with my skipping rope. My goal is 70 kg. Will be weighing myself every Tuesday just to monitor.

Since day one taking duromine today is day 4 I haven't cheated an I try my best to have 3 small portion meals and maybe a snack which is frozen plane yogurt with an Apple. My portions have become very small. Which for me is amazing. 2018 has to be my year where I really lose all the fat.
Jun 8, 2018
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