How to calculate water weight loss and fat loss

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i found this article in case anyone is wondering why we lose so much during the first few days on duromine well at least i do lol i mean water weight is still progress but i have this curiosity in me to know stuff better so here goes. Just sharing what i read and take it with a grain of salt bcse im hardly an expert.

So in 4 days i lost 2.5kg on duro15.

Cals eaten for 4 days (i track it using sparkspeople app) : 3449

my TDEE for 4 days (my bmr is 1732 at starting weight 69kgx4 ) : 6928

6928-3449= 3479

3479/7700 (1kg body fat =7.7 cals) = 0.45kg fat loss (450g)

450g of fat is 0.99lbs so its like a jar size. I think a jar of fat is all good for me for 4 days even the rest of it are just water :D

Here’s the link of source

Link to calculate your TDEE
Sep 19, 2018
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