Day 6 - Butthurt

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Wow, my appetite has disappeared again with a vengeance. I actually feel like I slept better last night, although my fitbit tells me I only got 5 hours 50 min. I've been averaging 5.5 hours a night this past week, but considering my non-D average is around 6 hours, that's doable.

In other pleasant side effects, I'm not massively blocked up but enough that it's a bit of a strain on the nethers, if you get what I mean. My bunghole hurts. Might have to go get some Metamucil or something.

I've taken up drinking herbal tea, which I never could stand before but have decided I like. The Tetleys passionfruit and hibiscus is tops.

This has been a pointless update brought to you by the letter B for Boredom.
Apr 10, 2018
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