Day 49 - Curiouser and curiouser

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I've been so slack this week. Haven't got on that walker once (no excuse). Was faithfully recording everything I ingested in MyFitnessPal but have let it slide, only bothering when I remembered. Have eaten previously banned foods such as fruit & nut mix (omg orgasmic, who'd have ever thought sultanas and pumpkin seeds would taste so bloody good), saladas & cheese, and even half an LCM bar one of the kids discarded (so gross, I know). I'm positive my daily calorie intake has been higher on average than the past 6 weeks, even though it's still below 1200 cals.


I stepped on the scale this morning and I had lost 2kg.


I was so good in week 6 and gained 300g... this week I've been a bit naughty but lost 2kg?

How does that work?

Whatever. I'm happy. I cracked 80kg! By 100g, but still, lol.

I already bought myself two new pairs of boots, which was supposed to be my 80kg mini-goal reward (I had to; mine from last winter had holes in the soles) so I'll content myself with doing a really ugly naked bump n' grind that I will leave you all to mentally picture. That oughtta help any of you struggling to curb your appetites.
May 24, 2018
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