Day 4 - have i peaked already?!

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So the last two days I've noticed that the appetite suppression isn't working as much anymore. I am still eating smaller portions but i am feeling more hungry.

Especially today all I can feel is my hunger. I was so hungry i scoffed down vietnamese rolls on the way home (not even 6 yet) and then was super hungry again by 7! So i had some roasted veggies and unfortunately i forgot to defrost fish in the morning so i had some eggs. Right now as I am typing this all i can think of is how hungry I am! I am not sure if this is normal but it totally feels like the opposite of what I am supposed to be feeling and what I felt the first two days. Have I peaked already?!

Anyways, hoping tomorrow is a better day.

In terms of mood swings I think I have been fairly okay. Nothing's really triggered anything and i have been fairly balanced I think.

In terms of exercise i've been doing interval training the last two days on the treadmill. About 45-60 minute each time. Unfortunately not much running as my bung knee is still bunged out! :-(

Updated: Just read about mini goals.

First mini goal: 70kgs by March 30.
Mar 20, 2017
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