Day 35 - I nearly forgot to update

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I knew the annoying frequency of my blog updates was going to tail off as things went along, but oops, a whole week has passed, and weigh-in day nearly went by without an entry at all. I've been busy...

So despite having been ridiculously slack on the exercising (as in, no treadmill at all, and practically no moving my ass except for a big hike up the local hill on Sunday), I still managed to lose 1.5kg this week, bringing me down to 81.6kg - a total loss of 10.9kg in 5 weeks. Check me the fuck out, right?

And my God, I am looking a whole lot better. I've gone from stare-in-the-street, "how the hell does anyone let themselves get like that" to fat, but in a socially acceptable way. You know? I've really noticed a difference this week in particular. Not sure why. I did take photos at the 1 month mark and thought 'yeah, I can see the difference', but this morning when I looked in the mirror I really noticed it. And I caught sight of myself in a glass window today and guess what? I didn't want to throw a rock at it, lol.

So, almost to my second mini-goal. I was looking at my list of 'rewards' and I'm up for a pedicure soon. It's bloody cold here though and I don't fancy having to walk around in thongs, so I think I'll treat myself to a new pair of boots instead since mine have holes in them, as I discovered when it rained the other day.

Oh, I was going to post a measurement update the other day and forgot, so here goes.

starting = 112cm
current = 107cm
lost = 5cm

starting = 108cm
current = 96cm
lost = 12cm yeah motherfucker! excuse my french

starting = 123.5cm
current = 120cm
lost = 3.5cm

starting = 74.5cm
current = 70cm
lost = 4.5cm

My thigh is the average supermodel's waist thickness, haha. Still. I've lost 25cm all over, and that's pretty damn impressive if I say so myself.

I was planning to make my progress pics public but I forgot to put pants on for my 1 month shots and my thighs are so not ready for public display. When I've reached my goal weight I'll post before and after pics (with clothes on).
May 10, 2018
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