Day 2

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At heaviest: 75kg
Starting weight: 73.2
Goal weight: 60kg
Current weight: 72.2
Weight loss: 1kg

Mini goal: 70kg by April 1

I woke up on day 2, not completely refreshed seeing I did only get to sleep 2 hours earlier. I took my second pill and was okay. Didn't feel the same level of energy as the day before.

I then did about 40 minutes of interval walking and jogging and then about another 20 minutes of light walking.

I had a bridal dress appointment (the worst) where the stylist promptly gave me a sad 'poor you' smile when i said I was on my own. I told her that was my intention. The thought of shopping for a dress at this weight brings me such angst. Anyways, it wasn't as bad as i thought but it certainly wasn't great. I had a bit of champagne to take the edge of.

Went to another bridal appointment, still not that bad, but not great. Was super hungry by the time I got to visit my sister at about 3pm. I had a salmon sandwhich as I knew there was roast waiting for me for dinner.

Dinner was pork roast and roasted vegetables. I noticed that whilst I was hungry at the time, i did not eat much and was feeling quite full from eating mostly veggies and just a bit of pork.

Slept relatively early compared to the night before at 11pm, however woke up at 4 and could not get back to sleep.
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