Day 1

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Hi all,

I started my 30 day cycle today, I weigh 70 at the age of 20. My family motivated me to go on Duromine due to me being the biggest of them all as my two sisters and mum are in the 50's and them being older then me.

I started gaining weight when I started working at my current job in 2015 probably due to stress, when I started working here I weighed 58 and I am hoping to get back on track and feel confident in my own skin again. I am not a very tall person so being shot and chubby is not the best look. I have tried everything to loose weight and am limited to exercising due to my knee problems.

I took the pill early this morning and have not experienced any side affects other then being thirsty. I hope it is going to help me, I read through the comments and see that most have had some good results.

My sister will be developing me a meal plan and gym routine so I don't gain the weight back on after my cycle.

Fingers crossed it helps :)
Jul 7, 2017
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  • ChrissyD
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