April Aug 1, 2017
Wooooowwwwww… indeed, a huge weekend…. It’s good that you were trying to stick to healthy food choices when you were…mmmm… not under alcohol. Yes, it’s also great that you managed to have some nice sleep. Hope this week goes better for you and you will concentrate on your goals. Be strong and definitely take a test before you take another Duromine. We have a story here, on the forum, of a young woman who was taking Duromine and then found out she was pregnant some time while taking it. So far, everything is going good (touch wood), so taking the test is a clever decision.

Self-disappointment is the last thing that should be on your mind now. It happened and gone, dust it off and focus on further good road. Best of luck! Hope on a soon update about the test and the decision of continuing to Duromine. Cheers!