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I had to change this from how I wrote it originally as it was making me cringe...

So let me break it down;

12 years ago I was 135kg and had just been diagnosed with diabetes type II. I didn't struggle to lose weight but I was in a cycle of losing 10kg, gaining 9kg, losing 10kg - and then putting it all back on. I was starting to have other health problems and my GP recommended a lap band so I went ahead and had the op. It was a success - I lost 60kg over 3.5 years and no longer had diabetes.

My next op was to get rid of the excess skin. Went ahead with this and life was good.

Fast forward another 3 or so years....

Out of the blue I started to feel ill. I went through stages where I couldn't eat anything solid so I was consuming my calories through liquids. I was vomiting nearly everyday and having severe pain. I went back to the Dr who did my original op, and was thoroughly disgusted when he told me it was all in my head!.

I put up with the pain for a few more months, then decided to get a second opinion. I had tests on a Friday and was in hospital on Monday morning having the lap band removed as it had eroded into my stomach. It ending up being more serious than I expected..

Follow up tests were required to see how my stomach was holding up. I had a choice to make as I was told that yes it was repaired but I could have problems in the future. The solution was a partial gastric sleeve (GS). The op couldn't be done right away, as my stomach still needed more time to heal and he wanted to monitor how it all went.

Another year went by.... My eating was terrible, my stress levels were through the roof and my self esteem and confidence was non existent. We had numerous deaths in the family that year, and by the time my GS op came about I was back up to 98kg..

So another op - again it went well. I had around 50% of my stomach removed, instead of the normal 75-85% that is generally done with a GS. My eating rules were given to me, and I played by the rules.

My weight started to drop consistently.. and I didn't need to exercise. The rules I had to follow were that my portion size should be around a cup and a half, and that I was to eat protein first, then vegetables - then carbs. I dropped down to 72kg and my only negative was that I had to have 40mg of Nexium as I had severe reflux/GERD.

June 2015 I had to have a hysterectomy. I was 44 years old. I won't go into the details but I had to have everything taken including my ovaries. My marriage wasn't great and everything become a struggle. I struggled a lot. I struggled with HRT, I struggled with my emotions, and I struggled with my portion sizes and nutrition because my weight began to climb.

January 2018 I went to see my GS Surgeon for a check up. He recommended a Gastric Bypass! Obviously because of the weight gain, as well as the Nexium because apparently I was supposed to have come off those as well.

Which brings me to here... I really don't want anymore surgery. I have been so lucky in the past and have come through those that could have ended badly... I'm just done....
May 15, 2018
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