2 month journey, newbie! 30mgs

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I have struggled my last 4 years with weight. after giving up 5 days a week of vigorous fitness training 4 years ago my weight piled on and I hadn't even noticed!
I was really oblivious and my fiancé loved me regardless he never said anything! We ate cheap and nasty meals when we first moved out on our own, easy and greasy.
I went from being a happy and healthy 70kg 18 year old to a very unhealthy 96.7kg grumpy and miserable 22 year old.
I attempted a weight loss journey about this time last year (April 2017) when my fiancé and I had set a date for the wedding. I visited a dietician and excerscised as much as I could, I'd try and spend 1hr at medium jog pace on the treadmill a day.
Unfortunately I lost about 1.5 kg in water weight over a month. I was crushed. None the less I continued eating and exercising within moderation hoping I would see the weight drop slowly.
My weight would constant fluctuate up and down heaviest being 98.8kg and lowest 95kg, but my usual medium was 96.
It has been one year of trying, and with the wedding looming in 2 months time I decided it was my last chance to drop a little weight before the big day.
so I consulted my doctor about Duromine, which I have been frightened of since it was bought to me as an option by my dietician previously. There were so many negative concepts surrounding Duromind and I was honestly really against giving it a go.
Never the less I am currently Day 4 into duromine and I have lost 2.3kg weighing at 94.4kgs
I haven't seen a number below 95 for over a whole year!
Day 1 I felt fine up until the afternoon when I felt a pang of nausea lasting roughly 15mins. This was because I actually had completely forgotten about eating all day!
I learnt my lesson quickly that I needed to ensure I was still eating well throughout the day despite having no hunger or desire to snack!
I slept incredibly well first night too. I was hopeful!
Day 2
No side effects apart from a very slight dehydration and feeling super calm and carefree which was awesome as I am a very anxious person usually!
Slept well
SW: 96.7 kgs
Day 2 weight : 96.03kgs
Total loss: 400grams
Day 3
Literally could not stop talking the whole day, I had been talking non stop for 6 hours until my fiancé told me he couldn't deal with any more stories lol
This is VERY strange for me as I am a very introverted person when it comes to Vocalising stories and events and keeping long conversations!
I didn't sleep until 2.45am and had a very small pang of anxiety right before I fell asleep which I cried through for 10mins and got over it quickly.
SW: 96.7
Day 3 weight: 95kgs
Total loss: 1.7kgs
(I almost fell over with excitement lol)
Day 4
No side effects at all
SW: 96.7kgs
CW: 94.4kgs
Total loss: 2.3kgs
I am up and wide awake right now it is 1am, I'm technically in day 5 as of now, I'm really excited to see how I progress!

This is a very long blog post but I have only just stumbled across this forum and would love to learn some more stories about everyone else's journey and wanted to catch it all up to speed!
I intend to update this daily so I can also track my own progress as I continue along this long road!
Apr 10, 2018
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