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15mg stopped working moved to 30mg

Published by Serickey . Views: 348

I Started on 15mg a month ago it worked well for the first 3 weeks until it stopped working. I tried taking days off the 15mg but it just didnt help. It really just stop working. I felt hungry all day and I ate too much.

I started with the 30mg this morning. Took it at 6am. Feel abit weazy this morning. dry mouth, light headed, slight headache.. blurred vision. Im drinking alot of water . will this get better?? any advice?

with the 15mg i lost 3 kg untill it stopped working.

I'm hoping to atleast loose 5kg. I need to get out of the 70s.
Current weight 73kg
Expected Weight 68-65
Jul 3, 2017
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