Week 4 gained 2kg in 2 days !!!

Discussion in 'My Experience with Duromine' started by Violetrainjones, Jun 29, 2018.

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    Jun 29, 2018
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    so this is my second round on Duromine. The first was 2 years ago. I lost 25kg but I was on it longer than recommend ( doctors choce not mine) and then the dr stopped me cold turkey. Last year I went on the HCG diet and lost 14 kg in 8 weeks. Was doing well to keep it off then I got hit with glandular fever, followed by the dreaded chronic fatigue. This was then followed 2 months later by a 23 day cruise ( dessert buffet anyone? ‍♀️) . So now I’m back on it for a 2 month trial period. Dr wants me to lose 5-6 in the 2 months and I thought I was doing well, I dropped 5kg in 3 weeks, but 2 days ago was my birthday and whilst I was very careful most of the time ( 2 spoonfuls of ice cream ) I did eat a couple of doughnuts over 2 days, this morning I get on the scales and I’ve gone from 99.9 to 101.7kg I nearly had a heart attack. I keep telling myself not to panic, this happened once before on the hcg diet and eventually it shifted but it took 4 weeks for it to shift.
    My biggest fear is that it’s all going to pile back on so quickly if I have a couple of treats .
    SW 104.9
    CW 101.7
    LW 99.9
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    Hello Violetrainjones. Welcome to the forum. First, I would like to give you the well-deserved applause for losing so much weight in the past. The best thing is that you know what works for you. Right now, what you need is to stop panicking and may be start a food diary. This will help you find things that actually do affect your weight and correct them. Besides, there are so many other factors that influence our weight, especially the “monthly guest”. You can be holding on a lot of extra fluid right now. Here’s a recently posted thread by one of our brilliant forum users, which I personally love. It might explain some things for you. here’s another wonderful thread about the plateau that you might hit at times while losing weight. I hope that these posts will help you cope with your fear of gaining weight this fast, and you will take a deep breath, and move on to your eating and exercising plan without looking back at this small slip up. All the best!
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