Vegetable Lean Mince Pie

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    This is my fave little meal when I have those last couple of random vegetables sitting in the fridge!

    Depending on how large your oven baking dish is...

    Pre cook some lean minced beef with tinned tomatoes, herbs etc.

    Slice some eggplant thinly, capsicum, carrot and bake it until soft.

    A small amount of mashed pumpkin never goes astray either in this one!

    Lastly make some Notatoes (Tony Ferguson) Med cauliflower head, steam until very soft, mash and then combine with a small amount of light cream cheese, garlic and chives.

    Layer cooked eggplant, other vegetables and mince in that order topping off with a generous layer of the Notatoes and pop into the oven until lightly browned on top!

    Serve with a salad :)

    Throw any other vegetables you have in there as well!

    * Even my picky eating partner loves this one!
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