The HCG Diet Explained

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    HCG stands for “human chorionic gonadotropin”, a hormone that women release when they are expecting a baby. It is vital during pregnancy as it is responsible for ensuring that the fetus gets ample sustenance for its development into a healthy child. Scientists have conducted various studies which were aimed to find medical uses for HCG diet and what they found out are incredible. It turns out that the hormone can cure infertility for both sexes and the FDA has approved its use for this type of treatment. Dr. Simeons also discovered in the 1950s that it can be very effective in reducing the weight of obesity patients. He learned this by a fortunate accident because what he was actually setting out to do was to increase fertility levels but when his patients began to drop weight after the consuming HCG, he sensed that the pattern was no mere coincidence. To boost the weight loss effects of the hormone, he paired it with calorie restriction and made notes on the effects. Indeed, the combination proved to be exceptionally successful.
    Today, HCG diet programs are still guided by the principles established by Dr. Simeons though the administration of the drug has been expanded. HCG injections were popular during his time for fast absorption into the bloodstream, but this can be painful and messy. A lot of people have an aversion to needles as well. Fortunately, HCG can now be taken through oral drops which is a simple method that anyone can do in their own homes. The weight loss plans that make use of the hormone are also more varied. Interested parties can stick with the original protocol or choose from plans which run for a specific length of time. There are 23-day plans, 40-day plans, and so on. The calorie limit per day is also specified in each with most hovering around 500 calories during the most intense phase. Recommend food include fruits, vegetables, fish, and even meats as long as they are low in fat. Meanwhile, excluded food include refined sugar, alcoholic beverages, and carbohydrate-rich fare like rice, bread, and pasta. Due to the extreme nature of this diet, consulting a physician is advised.
    How to Purchase HCG Diet Drops
    Individuals who would like to start on the HCG can obtain the drops through various online sources. They can be purchased even without a doctor’s prescription. Because the drug has become so popular, many counterfeit and substandard products are coming in from other countries. Be sure to buy from US sources to ensure safety as the FDA monitors the quality of the products which are made here. HCG drops should be put under the tongue and allowed to be absorbed naturally.
    How Effective is the Diet?
    The result will vary from person to person and also from one plan to another but following the instructions should produce substantial weight loss regardless of the protocol.
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