Second time on duromine, horrible!

Discussion in 'Side-Effects of Duromine' started by MasikaLee, Jun 11, 2017.

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    Jun 11, 2017
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    Hello everyone.
    OK, this is my second time on duromine 30mg. First time went great. Had no side effects except really bad cotton mouth and issues sleeping and very bad constipation in the third week. Was full of energy, and omg couldn't stop cleaning! I went on cleaning frenzies until I was dripping sweat and exhausted. I think I lost around 10kgs all up. Finished it just after xmas.

    Got another prescription and started again 5 days ago. I don't think I can do it this time. I feel so sick! Constant nausea, headaches, I'm absolutely starving (i am eating full meals) cotton mouth (so over water already) constipated already, so gassy I can't stop burping, foul taste in the mouth, no energy or motivation and hot and cold sweats. I feel terrible and so run down, almost like the flu. I don't understand why it's affecting me this badly when the first time I had no issues. (I did get very sick in the first week last time but I had no desire for food so I wasn't eating). I really don't know if I should keep going and hope this all passes.

    Has anyone else had this or even had these horrid side effects?
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    Oh my, how could I miss this post… =(( I am so sorry, MasikaLee that you were having all these side effects at once… Did you stop Duromine? Did you try to resume it? when you discontinued Duromine, how did you feel? Hope, you’re all well and wish you luck with your weight loss.