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    Plexus Slim is the weight loss product that we are discussing today. This one did make us rack our brains in search of truth, because there are so many things that required thorough research and it seemed that when we were finding one answer, a ton of others were falling on us like a waterfall.

    Insight into the manufacturer of Plexus Slim

    We decided to start from the very first thing we need to know about a new product on the market – its manufacturer. Thus, we found the website of the company Plexus Worldwide and were trying to find any “scientific stuff” that would help us feel certain about the qualities and the ability of their products to provide the promised effects.

    We simply couldn’t find anything useful. Lots of information on how to develop your own business around their products. That was something new. Looking at this situation from the point of view of a person, who wants to buy and use their products to lose weight, we would be totally disoriented.

    What we did manage to find out was the fact that the company was founded in 2006 in the US and “makes various health and wellness supplements sold through a group network sales model”. Rrrright. We still didn’t manage to find any info about the production facilities or certified laboratories, engaged in the production of the products or at least one clinical trial that would prove the efficacy of their products. Is it classified? Go figure. Moving further…

    Insight into the product itself. What are you, Plexus Slim?

    While Plexus Slim was initially described as a product for weight loss, the company decided to change the whole concept and now the motto for this product sounds “Healthy Gut. Slimmer You.” Oh well, let’s try to close our eyes and pretend it is because they have changed the initial formula of Plexus Slim.

    Now we’d better get into the ingredients of this powder, because the first benefit they state is “Clinically demonstrated to help you lose weight”, so it’s still a tool for weight loss. The label states that the one serving has 5 calories and 2 grams of carbohydrates. Sounds nice, not much at all.

    Chromium (as chromium polynicotinate)

    This ingredient is indicated the first, and its amount per serving is 200 mcg. Let’s see what it is and what it can do to aid weight reduction. First, we found a Scientific opinion (in the EFSA Journal (2008) 887, 1-24), which states that the WHO established the amount of chromium/day that should not be exceeded as 250 mcg.

    The directions on Plexus Slim state that we should consume 2 servings of the product per day and not more. Thank God for that. 2 servings already provide 400 mcg of chromium per day, which by far exceeds the daily limit of chromium.

    According to the data presented in the report on Chemical Research in toxicology that took place in 2010, 1-3% of people manifest sensitivity or allergy to chromium, so you’d better be careful when using any supplements that contain chromium, if you are prone to allergies.

    Another thing to remember about chromium is that chromium-containing products can make your blood sugar level extremely low, if you are on a drug treatment for diabetes. You should also discuss the possibility of using such products with your doctor, if you are on medications for hypothyroidism, since chromium might alter their action.

    Chromium polynicotinate
    PROs and CONs
    1. Takes part in the fats, carbohydrates
    and proteins metabolism
    2. Aids in maintaining blood sugar level
    at optimal level through enhancing
    insulin effectiveness

    1. Can cause allergy
    2. Can interfere with the action of medications for diabetes and thyroid gland
    3. NSAID’s and aspirin may increase chromium level in the body and increase the risks for adverse reactions
    4. May lead to more serious damage of kidneys and liver, if you suffer from any disease of these organs

    Since this ingredient is the second on the list and we had no idea what it was, we thought it is a new development in the field of weight loss, so we certainly began digging deeper into its features. We managed to find a study that was aiming to figure out the effects of the prebiotic Xylooligosaccharide on gut bacteria in healthy and prediabetic people.

    The conclusion of this pilot study tells us that Xylooligosaccharide could provide benefits that lie in its ability of reversing the changes that take place in the gut flora while diabetes develops. However, this substance did not show any effect over HOMA-IR, triglycerides, hormones that are responsible for satiety and glucose serum levels.

    Plexus Slim® Blend

    This is the last main ingredient of Plexus Slim. This patented formula contains:
    • Green coffee bean extract
    • Garcinia Cambogia fruit extract
    • Alpha lipoic acid
    • Mulberry fruit extract
    The amount of each ingredient in this blend is not indicated, so it’s very difficult to understand what effects we can expect from it. However, we’ve decided to check the ingredients of the blend one by one and see what benefits these ingredients might bring, if any.

    Green coffee bean extract

    Even though green coffee bean extract has been seriously advertised in the last years as a highly effective natural aid for weight loss, we do have place for some quite reasonable doubts on its ability of providing any benefits of those claimed.

    While searching for the trials that would prove the efficacy of this substance, we figured out that trials were of short-term and involved very small amounts of people. Besides, they were sponsored by the companies that sell green coffee extract, so we surely find the results quite doubtful. Even so, the results of the trials have shown quite insignificant effects of caffeine and chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract over the weight reduction.

    However, we all know that increased amounts of caffeine can adversely affect our body and cause such unpleasant effects, as higher heart rate, anxiety and restlessness, as well as problems with sleep and frequent urination, along with stomachaches. This means that we can get all these from using Plexus Slim. Yet, none of these are indicated as possible side effects. Plexus Worldwide warn us only of possible bloating and gas. That is weird.

    Garcinia Cambogia fruit extract

    For a long time, Garcinia Cambodia extract has been used to aid weight loss and has proven to cope with this tasks in various clinical trials. Sounds nice. Finally, a proven weight loss ingredient.

    However, we found a comparison charter for the results of the studies on Garcinia Cambogia extract. It shows that the lowest dose, which has proven to help people reduce weight is 1200 mg. Weight loss in the group, which was taking 1200 mg of Garcinia Cambogia extract, amounted to 1.13 kg in 8 to 12 weeks.

    Not so much, but, as we always say, a loss is a loss. And now let us get back to the label information and see how much Garcinia Cambogia extract we will get from 2 servings of Plexus Slim. The amount of Plexus Slim Blend is 531 mg in one serving. Even if Garcinia Cambogia was the only ingredient of this blend (one of 4 ingredients), 2 servings would amount into an amount of Garcinia Cambogia extract, less than 1200 mg. Calculations are simple.

    Alpha lipoic acid (ALA)

    This substance is produced in our bodies and is found in various foods, like meat and some fruits and vegetables. Its main function is to aid glucose conversion into energy. Some studies suggest that is it capable of reducing the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy, as well as of lowering blood sugar levels. Still, the trials on these aspects were quite small and lacked a well thought-over design.

    Let us believe that it is capable of providing these benefits. We want to believe in good things. However, these improvements were provided in people, who were daily taking 800 mg of alpha lipoic acid in divided doses. Do you still remember that this substance is part of the Plexus Slim Blend, which weighs 531 mg and has 3 more ingredients included? Well, you get the point…

    The worst thing is that this substance can cause various side effects and interfere with several important drugs, like:
    • diabetes medications (and crash your blood sugar level down to the floor),
    • thyroid medications (and lower the level of the hormones),
    • chemotherapy medications
    • cause Thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency (which can cause nerve damage, cardiovascular conditions, weakness, psychosis and chronic fatigue)
    Did you find any of these in the list of possible side effects of Plexus Slim? Or may be contraindications and warnings? We didn’t. Quite a serious omission.

    Mulberry fruit extract

    Mulberry fruit extract has been used for a very long time and a study of 2012 gives conclusions that it can possess a good antioxidant potential. At the same time, the American Diabetes Association held a study on the possibility of using mulberry extract to treat diabetes. Though, they used the extract of this plant’s LEAVES.

    And while we were trying to find a proof of the fact that fruits also contain that very DNJ substance, which does contribute to an improvement in diabetic status, we could not. However, Mulberry fruit does contain phenols and resveratrol, which can provide various overall health benefits. Ok, at least, it is not useless.

    Side effects

    Either way, we have noticed that all these main ingredients make up a considerable list of side effects, and none of them is mentioned in the side effects area of Plexus Slim. However, we did find lots of reports from Plexus Slim users on the fact that this product causes very unpleasant side effects and even messes up your health.
    • “I did bloat up like a balloon after two days and had cramps, gas, and diarrhea”
    • “After drinking the slim for three years I was diagnosed type 2 diabetic”
    The “need” to buy more products to get the weight loss effect

    Besides, people, who work with Plexus Worldwide Company as the “ambassadors” and distribute their products, tend to make you buy other products, when you see that Plexus Slim did not provide any weight loss. They tell you to get Plexus Boost and Plexus Slim Accelerator+, because these allegedly can help you lose more weight and enhance the effect of Plexus Slim pink drink.

    We found out that the TGA of Australia warned about the fact that Plexus Slim Accelerator+ capsules and the trial set, which contains these capsules, are dangerous for health. They found a banned chemical in their composition. It is called DMAA and can cause such side effects, as:
    • Psychiatric disorders
    • Stroke
    • Brain hemorrhage
    • Elevated blood pressure levels
    This sounds really scary. Why on Earth would they include this substance in a “healthy and natural” product. As for the third “weight loss” product that people are encouraged to buy, if they truly want to lose weight and provide their body with benefits they “never even knew they needed”, Plexus boost, we found the following comments from users:
    • “an hour after taking the product I experienced an accelerated heart rate, chest pains, sob, ans up in the hospital for 3 days”
    • “they had caused heart palpitaions with most of the people who signed on with me”
    And these are just a few of all the negative and scary reports about the experience of using Plexus Slim products that we found. Of course, if you do your own search, you will find an abundance of positive feedbacks. As it turned out later, these were mostly written by Plexus ambassadors, who need to sell as much products as they can.


    In fact, this research turned out to be one of the most difficult and scary of all the research we were making on weight loss tools. While the ambassadors make everything look as if Plexus products are a divine disposal, it is enough to just lever up the outlining level to see the harsh reality.

    While we don’t have anything against normal MLM companies, who provide high-quality products, we can not have a drop of respect for MLM companies like Plexus Worldwide. Not only they provide a product that is incapable of bringing you what it promises to provide and is capable of promoting serious and life-threatening side effects, they also search for desperate people and try to take from them as much money, as they can.

    Here’s what we read in the feedback of an ex Plexus Worldwide customer, who was lucky to figure out quite quickly, what this company is and what its products are:
    • “Another really bad thing about this scam business is now on FB ambassadors are suggesting to special needs families that it helps autism :-(“
    It’s all up to you to decide, whether you want to try Plexus Slim products or any other products they offer. We, from our side, did everything to show you the truth that we managed to discover.

    PS. If you place an order, make sure that you use a card that can be cancelled easily, because Plexus Worldwide do not like to cancel “refills” and prefer charging you monthly, even if you no longer wish to receive any products from them.
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