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    hi guys,
    i am currently on my third day of duromine and doing well. i am 80kg but only 150cm, i want to get back to the weight i was before having my first child which was 55kg but would be soooo happy at 60-65 the doctor prescribed me the 30mg tablets, i thought they would be hard to get but he quite happily gave them to me no questions at all.
    the first two days on duromine i had really bad headaches and have never been so thirsty in my life!
    i had a strange experience the first day, i took my tablet at around 8.30am and then at 3.00pm i was so tired! i fell asleep sitting upright with my 18mnth old son oops! i was worried as i thought 'if this is whats gonna happen to me everyday iam not gonna be able to handle it whilst i also have my son in my care' but day 2 was completely different! couldnt get to sleep for the life of me! has anyone had that kind of experience before?
    well we will see what day 3 brings!
    very excited
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