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    I started Duromine 30MG tabs on Saturday (22 February 2014) and I was weighing at 65KGS. My doctor prescribed the tabs to me as I have a raging appetite and I pick up weight really fast! My goal weigh is 50KGS and the last time I weighed that I was 18 in my last year of high school. I am so happy to say that I am so pleased on how fast my body has adapted to Duromine. First day I woke at 6:00am when usually I sleep in on weekends - Took the pill at about 6:05am and saw my Fiancé off to work, I got back into bed at about 7:00am only to experience the most amazing energy burst I have ever experienced in my life :D - I love sleeping and I used to sleep at least 3 times a day excluding the night as I used to be constantly tired. I feel amazing and more productive. I have a tiny and i mean tiny appetite i eat breakfast lunch and supper daily but the past 3 days i have been eating all 3 meals in moderate proportion i eat at least 1/3rd of a normal breakfast lunch and supper, i have also cut out alcohol completely. I Jog for a hour each night and there after 30 Minutes of Skipping and 30 Minutes on my excersize bike. I have Non of the mentioned side effects except a dry mouth which is helping me drink 5-6 Litres of water a day (I usually drank 3 Litres a day). I fall asleep at about 9:30 - 10:00pm every night and I have a awesome nights sleep. So far i have lost 2KGS and am weighing at 63KGS ALREADY :D :D: D I am so stoked to continue to loose weight and feel this energetic and full of life :D 13KGS TO GO!!!!!! :D
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