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    Hello I'm Sharon from Australia. I went to see my Doctor about a sore foot on Monday. She was asking me if anything had happened and so I was telling her about how I had started a walk/run program. Not the C25K but just my own. I talked about my daughter who was getting married for the second time next September and I wanted to lose weight. I've lost about 3.5 kg already (7 lbs). And I was saying how I was enjoying the exercise, and one thing led to another and she said to me that if I wanted to I could get some diet pills. I asked a few questions about them and asked how much you could lose. She said she was thinking of a lady who lost 15 kg in 4 months (that's 33 pounds). I would love to be at goal weight by the wedding next year. There's plenty of time and I thought that I'd get pretty close to it by just eating healthy and exercising. So my interest was peeked and so I said yes I'd like to try them. I was thinking that if they worked and helped (she said suppressed your appetite and speeds up our metabolism).So I got a script for Duromine 15 mg caps. A pack of 30. She talked about the side effects and said if I was having problems to just miss a day. I take one Mon to Fri and not on the weekend. I see her in 2 weeks to see how I'm going, and I assume if I wanted to keep going and I was doing well she'd give me a script and up the dosage. I'm not sure, I'll have to wait and see.

    I took the first one yesterday. Apart from a slight dry mouth I have no side effects at all. Took the second one this morning about 5 hours ago, and apart from the slight dry mouth I don't feel any different. I'll see how I go.
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    Hello, Sharon.
    Lucky you - would say lots of people, who cannot get a prescription from docs. I am glad you feel fine and don't have side effects. Good luck in achieving your first results!
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