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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by V_Infinity, Feb 4, 2019.

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    Hello to all you fellow Duromine weight loss buddies.

    Today is my 4th day on D 30mg

    SW 90kg
    CW unknown
    1st GW. 80kg
    GW. around the 70's lower end

    So I went to my Docs a couple of weeks back to get an overall check up and to figure out why I was so fatigued I had no energy and just feeling completely rotten every day, in the last 6 months I've lost my beautiful Dad to Cancer and i'm still finding this so hard which lead to comfort eating, I quit smoking and weaned of my antidepressants because I was sick of feeling like a Zombie. Had a Blood test to test for Diabetes as it runs on both sides of my family type 2 and every thing else, my tests came back with one of my fats in my bloods triglycirides( responsible for regulating your sugars etc) came back on the border line. I am low in Vitamin D and Calcium, so I'm supplementing till it goes back up to average.
    With BMI of 33 the Doc recommended I go on a months trial to see how I go. So far so good, I am taking this D to get my life back! my mojo! for my self and my family. I'm excited to lose this weight, I've uploaded fitness pal so I can track my calories and macros, and to self teach my self portion control again. D helps with no hunger pangs. I am actually finding it hard to get the calories in. I'll get there.
    And the sleep is okay from yesterday finally got a decent sleep of 8hours after the first few days I was only getting 2/3 hours.

    looking forward to weighing in on Friday, I've also taken pics and measurements, and I am starting feel a little better. I am determined.

    I also need to add in exercise I'll start of with walking tomo :)
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