My Horrible Side Effects :( and Phantom Itches and Rashes/Burning Scalp!!!

Discussion in 'Side-Effects of Duromine' started by cocochanel87, Mar 11, 2014.

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    That's a sad story:(
    Unfortunately side effects appear in some people. Well it also depends on the dose of Duromine. Sometimes, the higher the dose, the more side effects.
    But why didn't you visit the doctor? It's good when you have phone number and can consult one, if you don't have time to go there. Once such bad side effects occur, you should stop using the pills, that's what you did, so it is a good thing.
    On the other hand, you may have had a placebo effect. It's when you know that these side effects were caused by the pills, so once you stopped taking them everything went back to normal, although the pills were still working in the body.
    All in all I'm glad now everything is fine, so what is your next move? Are going to continue the therapy, or visit a doc and ask him first? I highly recommend you that.
    Take care, darling and be careful. Hope you'll lose your unwanted weight anyway.
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  3. Tania J

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    Mar 7, 2014
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    Hi, I have been on Duromine 30mg for 4 days now. I have very little of the horrible side effects, except the dry mouth. One thing I have noticed since yesterday is moodiness - is this a common side effect?

    I am usually a very chilled, relaxed person, so this does not feel very good!
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