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    I always felt like going to the doctor in regards to my weight was always for people who were bigger than me. Since puberty hit I went from a size 8-10 to a size 14. I had maintained the size 14 by retaining my not so good eating habits and exercising two to three times per week.

    After a rough time in my first job out of uni I was fired for no explanation at all. I found this extremely difficult to cope with and was probably coping with a light case of depression for a good three months whilst being unemployed. Although I have never had any medication to treat this I turned to emotional eating.

    By my 21st birthday I realised my 14's were getting too tight and I was finding myself reaching for the 16 on the rack. I knew I had to do something about it when I checked my BMI and I was in the obese category! Weighing at my heaviest 96kgs and 174cm tall.

    So I requested solutions from my doctor - he was neither here nor there in regards to taking the medication but insisted I only use it to kick start my weight loss not depend on it. He was happy to give me a three month script but I knew I didn't have the will power to keep this up - plus I was also extremely concerned about the side effects. He gave me a 2 week trial.

    The first week was difficult - Day 1 - I felt great with loads of energy and motivation. Day 2 - was so so, slept okay but was very lethargic. Day 4 - first night with trouble sleeping only had 3 hours sleep! I decided I needed a break and it was not worth the consequences. Dispute this I lost three kgs this week! YAY!

    The second week rolled around and I decided to give it one more try - after all I hated being overweight. The second week was much better I maintained taking Duromine at 5am every morning and became less lethargic and more like myself. I have not yet suffered from any more sleepless nights! This week I lost 3.3kgs again!

    Went back to the doctor to retain my 30mg script. He then asked again if I would like a script for three months. I said no - just one month then I will come back and see how I am going. I do not want Duromine to be a reoccurring thing in my life. I am loosing this weight and it aint coming back!

    The third week was okay - I felt a bit under the weather so I only made it to about 3 days training. This week only loosing 0.7kgs was expected as I didn't put the hard yards in. But hey a loss is a loss.

    The fourth week I slipped up in my sugar restriction and had one ice-cream after dinner.However I am feeling good. I have maintained 5 workouts this week and am going strong. My weight now is 88kgs! Making a total loss of 8kgs which I am absolutely thrilled with.

    I have paired duromine with 5-6 days per week hour long walks, runs or zumba. I am meeting my weekly targets and personal bests.
    My eating habits have changed dramatically - from someone being addicted to chocolate I have not had one piece in a whole month! Same goes with a can of coke per day! I no longer eat after dinner time, I have retained the same dinner foods and regime to fit in with the rest of the family - just mindful of eating the right size portion. My snacks only include my favourite fruits and nuts.

    While I don't feel hungry on duromine my stomach gets achy when I haven't eaten and then I feel lethargic and unmotivated. I have established a routine and I eat breakfast before work have a snack once I am finished have lunch and then a snack then dinner. I manage my food and exercise weekly via an app. I plan to go on the 15mg for my second month and thats it!

    I hope duromine and my new lifestyle can help me maintain my goal weight of 76kgs! At least I am well on my way!

    I hope this helps people who are thinking about going on duromine and not to give up on your goal! I have since kicked my cravings and addictions to sugar and my skin and body is so thankful for this.

    Although there are concerns with duromine - it really is a personal decision and every body reacts differently. Just ensure you have a doctor who cares and is experienced with duromine to help you on your way! Never use duromine as a quick fix - old habits die hard and if you do not change your existing diet you will not be successful long term.
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    Well done Haylee
    I went in the 15 mls with great success.
    I wish you all the best on your journey :)
    Take care kind regards
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    Great result!! We'll done :)
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