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    Today is my weekly weigh-in. Here are the results of my week on Duromine:

    1st Week 21/9/2018: 93kg (5.2kg loss)
    2nd Week 28/9/2018: 91.2kg (1.8kg loss)
    3rd Week 5/10/2018: 89.5kg (1.7kg loss)
    4th Week 12/10/2018: 87.4kg (2.1kg loss)
    5th Week 19/10/2018: 86.4kg (1kg loss)
    6th Week 26/10/2018: 86.4kg (No loss)
    7th Week 2/11/2018: 85.7kg (0.7kg loss)
    8th Week 9/11/2018: 83.5kg (2.2kg loss)
    9th Week 16/11/2018: 82.3kg (1.2kg loss)
    10th Week 23/11/2018: 80.2kg (2.1kg loss)
    11th Week 30/11/2018: 80kg (0.2kg loss)

    Height: 159cm
    SW: 98.2kg
    CW: 80kg
    Total Loss: 18.2kg
    GW: 80kg (completed 30/11/2018)
    Mini Goal 1: 90kg (completed 5/10/2018)
    Mini Goal 2: 88kg (completed 12/10/2018)
    Mini Goal 3: 85kg (completed 9/11/2018)
    Mini Goal 4: 82kg (completed 23/11/2018)
    Mini Goal 5: 78kg (hopefully by the end of Duromine journey 28/12/2018)

    This is my last post for weekly updates as I have reached my goal for the 3 months on Duromine. In addition, the weightloss slowed down significantly and I might be hitting a plateau. I will come back at the end of the month to provide my last update after ending the whole course of Duromine.

    Sleep quality is still varied, with some nights hitting 6-7 hours and some nights just 4-5 hours. I expect that it will get back to normal once I finished the Duromine course. Going to gym can become my daily routine and I hope to maintain this momentum. Running speed and stamina has been improving over time as well. My ultimate aim is to complete a 5km marathon within 30 minutes.

    This week's result is just a 0.2kg loss. I am still happy that I reached my goal set for this Duromine journey. Well a loss is a loss no matter how small. Measurements wise I lost another cm off my chest and just 0.5cm off my butt and stomach. I did lost 1% of body fat and gained about 0.8% muscle mass which is really cool. I went for review at the doctor's on Saturday and he is really surprised and thrilled that I have lost so much weight in the 2nd month as well. He gave me another month worth of Duromine which includes an extended 2 weeks from the initial programme period. He thinks that I might not lose much more weight but he wants to see how far I can go. He did tell me not to be discouraged even if I did not lose anymore weight after the last month as I have already done so well. I will have another 4 weeks left on Duromine so I will try to make the best out of the last month~

    I had my highest number of cheat days this week, 4 days to be exact. I had to attend my friend's wedding dinner on Saturday with an afterparty full of alcohol which makes me break my intermittent fasting schedule and also alcohol intake which is really bad. On Sunday, I had a gathering with my 2 good friends for a birthday celebration which involves 2 good meals (lunch and dinner) as well as desserts. Then on Monday and Tuesday, I had to meet up with my ex-colleagues for dinner gatherings as well involving good food and desserts as usual. The average calorie intake for the 4 days were also about 1000kcals or even slightly more especially on Saturday. Even though going to the gym did help quite a bit, I am relieved that I did not put on weight.

    My next social event is next Sunday for a gathering with my ex-classmates. Nothing too fancy just a high tea session so I am not too worried. I need to be prepared for my upcoming Christmas holidays which I will be going overseas for a short trip to Malaysia. Hopefully I can hit my next mini goal by then. I will only be updating one last time after I come back from my trip which is around end December. So thank you everyone for reading my posts these 2 months and I hope that it will inspire many others to try it out and change your lifestyle for the better.

    Till next time~