Moved to EUROPE! Please help?

Discussion in 'Buy' started by dsrok, May 25, 2013.

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    May 24, 2013
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    I'm new here and this seems like a lovely forum so thought I'd give it a go at asking you all for some advice....

    My doctor back in WA put me on Duromine.
    I was on 30mg. We decided to do a round of 3 x over the course of 9 months (so 1 on 2 off, but we saw it was more than one month as the 4th week I took 1 only every second day) and then perhaps continuing on maintanence (so as needed, if still needed, and only ever 1 every two days just to keep my absurdly malfunctioning metabolism going).
    Since she was monitoring my weight loss carefully (and even though duromine was HER idea she isn't very keen on it) she insisted on simply renewing my script so I'd check in with her (every 3 months) instead of just handing out multiple repeats. I totally get that as there are lots of people who do abuse the stuff and spoil it for the rest of us. However, after my 2nd 'round' I was offered a job in Italy which I happily took.
    I had no idea phentermine was banned here and I didn't even think of looking into it! I figured I'd need a doc here too after all...
    And I still have one round to go!!!
    Anyone out there have any ideas??

    All I have is my last receipt for the last time I purchased duromine at the pharmacy.
    Does anyone have multiple refills and would like to sell me one of their 30mg/30pills and send me a package out of the kindness of their heart? even if to make profit i don't even care, as we all know duromine is anything but cheap sadly..!? Or know of an Australian doctor in Rome?? or an online pharmacy that IS reliable? I just don't trust wasting money and putting who knows what into my body :(
    I've heard I could try to get Adipex online easier which from what I understand is the american brand for Phentermine, but that's not slow release and I've never taken it. I value my health and I was in a great place before Europe halted my hard work!!
    Please help...
    any and all suggestions are welcome.

    and in case you're wondering I eat very healthy (Occasional gelato I won't lie!) and nutritiously, and exercise 4 times a week without fail.

    I love it here but I need some help....
    I do apologise if Anything I've written here is inappropriate or offensive or whatever else for this forum, I genuinely did not mean that, I'm just in this annoying situation and so close after all this work and amazing help and also, i'm like in the land of food... so I'd really like to continue the way I was going instead of reaching desperation!

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    I can send you some
  3. Duromine SG

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    Duromine in 30mg available! Can ship worldwide. Send a message to find out more! Based in Singapore. Contact us through here or our instagram or email at [email protected]. Cheers!

    For peace of mind we accept paypal!

    If you need pictures of our stock or proof of past orders we'll be more than happy to show you!
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    I do have Duromine 30mg and 40mg, i have 10 box of 30mg and 50 box of 40mg kindly let me know if you are interested. Kindly contact by downloading the app Wickr from your Play or AppStore for more information and add up (thomas01)
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