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    Jan 19, 2014
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    is ot beyter to eat just dinner or should i have 3 meals a day and what foods are good for weight loss
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    I always say - 3 or 4 meals are better than one. Because you need nutrients it is obvious.
    Small portions of veggies+fat-free/low-fat meat and water water water!! All you need is mix your favorite vegetables, fruit, cereals, meat BUT NO FRYING! No mayo, no ketchup, etc. Forget about pop corn, chips, pizza, pasta, bread (you can eat wholegrain hard chucks), alcohol, cakes and pies, sweets. Instead you can add honey in lemonade or cottage cheese, just a tea spoon. Well, there are lots of recepies over the Internet of healthy foods.
    Yeah, darling - this is a struggle and you have to go through it if you want to lose weight.
    Don't forget about exercises!

    xoxo ;)
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