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    Feb 8, 2016
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    I have stopped taking the 40mg tablets as they had too many side effects for me. dry mouth biting my damn cheek off. and my head buzzing. so bought 100 30mg tablets which i take mostly every day unless I forget now and then. I dont have any side effects. maybe sometimes I get the buzzing or biting my cheek. but much better than 40s if thats a help to anyone.
    I have also found that I go up and down in weight. so absolutely trying to cut out chocolate and tim tams
    When I started I was 87.6kilos. I got down to 81 kilos weighted myself yesterday am now 81.7 so have put weight on again. Just cant get down any lower
    My problem now is I seem to be losing weight everywhere but where I want it on my belly. I now have a flabby belly that hangs and I get itchy and sore under the skin does anybody else have this problem and how do I get rid of my fat belly its like all the fat has just decided to move from everywhere and go there.????? Please help me I would love some ideas how to get rid of this
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    Hello Squinky! Sorry you suffered such severe side effects. However, 40 mg is indeed very strong and not so many people manage to use it without problems. Every side effect that you describe is in the list of possible side effects of Duromine.

    As for the weight… it is the way it goes in many people – up and down. Fighting belly fat requires adding strength exercises to your cardio loads. Especially effective workouts to burn belly fat are high-intensity interval workouts. You can easily find plenty of workouts on youtube. Unfortunately, belly fat is probably the most stubborn fat. Therefore, you need to work on this problem A LOT! The results will come eventually if you are consistent with proper eating (only good fats, no processed foods). Swimming is great for toning all of your muscle groups and your skin, which also is important for a better appearance of your belly area. DO not wait for extremely fast results. This process needs time and perseverance. Stay strong! Have a wonderful day and I hope that your weight loss process goes nice and smooth from now on.