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    You cannot buy Duromine without a prescription legally.

    If you feel that Duromine could help you lose weight where other methods have failed, your first step should be to discuss it with your doctor. Although not every doctor is willing to prescribe Duromine, some doctors will accept the fact that Duromine can help give you the kick start you need to get your weight loss moving, when your weight is a health risk and you have already tried to lose weight unsuccessfully through standard methods.

    If your doctor will not prescribe you Duromine, there may be a weight loss clinic in your local area, which is willing to dispense prescriptions for this drug. However, a Duromine prescription from a weight loss clinic will generally be more expensive.

    When the first two options are not available to you, you may search for online sites that sell Duromine. If you do find a website selling Duromine, it is likely to be an illegal source, since buying Duromine without a prescription in Australia is not legal. Alternatively, sites that appear to sell Duromine often turn to be scam websites.

    No matter what online source of Duromine you find, it is important to remember about the safety of your data and money. Thus, when buying Duromine from a Duromine user, the general safety measure is to always pay via PayPal. This provides certain guarantees from the attempts of fraud. When it comes to online Duromine selling platforms, paying with your credit card allows disputing the charge with your card company, if your order fails to arrive or is not what you were lead to believe.

    If, in spite of all warnings mentioned, you are still willing to buy Duromine online without a prescription, you should carefully study 4 options, provided below:

    1. Our Forum provides an opportunity to buy Duromine directly from the Forum users without a doctor's prescription. Subscribe and follow new threads in the 'Get Diet Pills Online and Offline' section. Be cautious, fraudsters can often disguise under simple Forum users. The Forum administration bears no responsibility for the actions of users.​


    2. You can buy Generic Phentermine without a doctor's prescription on the proven resource. The drug is sent from India. Advantages of this source use is the top quality of the drug and high cross-customs passing ability. The main disadvantage is the excessive price - 3.02$ per pill (without a doctor's prescription). Before buying, we recommend that you read the article about the difference between Duromine and Generic Phentermine.

    3. You can apply to the services of Instagram sellers, who mostly ship from Singapore and Philippines. 90% of parcels fail to pass the AU customs. Buyers receive Good-luck letters and nothing else, since sellers usually provide no Money Back.

    4. You can check out Without a prescription, you can buy such weight loss drugs, as Orlistat and Xenical. The advantage of this online drugstore is adequate prices that it offers, while the drawback is the lack of express delivery service. The cost of conventional shipment via AirMail is 9.95$. Free AirMail shipping is available for orders over $200.

    5. You can learn more about Phen375, which is the best non-prescription natural alternative to Duromine. Before purchasing this product, make sure that you read the article Duromine vs Phen375.​

    You can buy Duromine online with a prescription in the following online pharmacies:

    Duromine 15mg- $97.95
    Duromine 30mg- $108.95
    Duromine 40mg - $127.95
    Duromine 15mg - $ 100.00
    Duromine 30mg - $ 112.00
    Duromine 40mg - $ 133.00
    Duromine 15mg - $ 100.00
    Duromine 30mg - $ 112.00
    Duromine 40mg - $ 133.00​

    Duromine 15mg - $ 100.00
    Duromine 30mg - $ 112.00
    Duromine 40mg - $ 133.00​

    Duromine 15mg - $ 105.99
    Duromine 30mg - $ 115.99
    Duromine 40mg - $ 139.99​

    • Make sure that the seller you chose is not included in the Black List before buying Duromine. provided the above material for informational purposes only. Act based solely on your discretion. shall bear no liability for the decisions that you take.
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    When you say "proven resource" in alternative number 2, are there any reviews etc of that site available?