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    Hi everyone !

    I am 20 years old, and Ive just recently moved 6 hours from my home town of that whole 20 years, and through the stress of it all ive gone from 88kilos up to 94kgs in the space of 2 months :( earlier this year i managed to lose 5kilos on my own and keep it off (down to 88kgs) but then my weight blew out again. I am only 160cms tall so i look pretty fat, im a size 14/16 (not really that big but enough to look visually overweight and be uncomfortable)

    Yesterday I went to the doctor and begged for a Duromine prescription. I researched it beforehand and went in knowing the risks and side effects, but because my blood pressure is perfectly healthy I thought id give it a go. He surprisingly hadnt heard much about it and actually had to look it up on the computer and read about it while I nervously waited for a yes or no. He agreed in the end after trying to tell me "youre not THAT fat", he prescribed me 30mg a day for 3 months.

    Last night I could barely sleep I was SO excited to start this new journey. Ive never been a skinny girl and I am terribly excited at the prospect of being able to fit into denim shorts! I have one pair that fits me! My goal weight is 70kilos. I exercise 3-4 times a week, which is usually 8kms of brisk walking. Id also love to be able to run! I cant run for more than 2 minutes without feeling like I am going to die haha. I know I can lose the weight and keep the weight off, I know how to eat right, I know I need to eat 5-6 times a day, I already exercise - I just needed a little help getting some weight off to actually motivate me to keep going, because lately Ive just felt like "whats the use".

    So today for my first day I set an alarm for 6am to take the tablet with every intention on going back to sleep, but I was so anxious and excited I didnt :/ I layed in bed until 9:30 trying to sleep but i never did. I worked from 1pm to 9pm today and I am yet to feel tired! I felt pretty wired all day, then I got very tired around 5:30 during my lunch break, but had a coffee which perked me back up. I didnt feel hungry at all today and the only side effect I seem to be having is DRY MOUTH. omg it is sooo terrible!! it tastes so disgusting and I keep playing with my tongue in my mouth because of it, a co-worker told me I looked like a junkie from doing it haha!

    During my dinner break there was a selection of mud cake, pavlova, lots of cookies and other bakery sweets (I work at a very generous Coles who spoils their team members every day) , but I didnt even have an interest in any of it and struggled to finish my ceasar salad for dinner. I was so impressed normally id be all over that shit like no tomorrow!!

    I will keep this updated throughout my journey, thanks for reading :)
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    Welcome, Cwebster!
    Good luck with your journey, it seems you know exactly what to do. :)

    ps. Drink water!!
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